“It’s corrupt & corrupting”: Democrat Election Trick Gets Called Out

After the 2020 Census, states across the country began drawing up their congressional districts for the US House. The State of New York, which lost one congressional seat, is currently in the process of redrawing its congressional districts. The proposed map, which has been proposed by state Democrats, is heavily gerrymandered to favor the Democratic Party.

In fact, the proposed map creates 20 Democrat-leaning districts, 4 Republican-leaning districts, and 2 tossup districts. This is a net gain of 3 Democratic seats, a net loss of 3 Republican seats, and 1 tossup seat. The proposed map puts a hindrance on several Republican incumbents seeking reelection and several candidates hoping to flip seats currently held by a Democrat.

New York District 19, which is currently represented by Democrat Antonio Delgado, currently has a partisan lean of R+4. However, in the proposed map, the district has been drawn with a partisan lean of D+4. District 18, currently represented by Democrat Sean Patrick Maloney, has an even partisan lean—meaning that it favors neither Republican nor Democrat. However, the district has been drawn with a partisan lean of D+3. Both of these districts are the two aforementioned tossup districts. Despite still being tossups, they have been drawn to favor a Democrat over a Republican. Marc Molinaro, 2018 Republican nominee for New York Governor and current Republican candidate for New York’s 19th district, tweeted a quote from NYDailyNews referring to the proposed congressional map as “…blatantly undemocratic Democratic gerrymandering of New York’s 26 congressional districts…”

New York’s 1st Congressional District, currently held by Republican Lee Zeldin (who is currently running to challenge New York Governor Kathy Hochul), has been drawn with a partisan lean of D+6—this is a flip from the current partisan lean of R+10. New York’s 11th district has a current partisan lean of R+13. Now, the district has a partisan lean of D+7. Nicole Malliotakis’, the incumbent Congresswoman for District 11, campaign has stated “This is a blatant attempt by the Democrat leadership in Albany to steal this seat, even after New Yorkers voted twice by ballot referendum for non-partisan maps.” Malliotakis defeated Max Rose—the former democratic congressman for the district—in 2020 by roughly 6 percentage points. Max Rose is now running again for District 11.

The proposed map by Democrats puts a damper on the projected red wave coming this November. Currently, Republican-held seats, like New York’s 1st, 11th, and 24th (which will change to the 22nd district) have all been redistricted to heavily favor a Democratic candidate. District 24, proposed to be District 22, is currently held by John Katko—a moderate Republican who voted for Trump’s impeachment. Katko has announced his intention to retire, thus putting the district in further danger of flipping to the Democrats.

Independent experts” and even some Democrats admit that these congressional lines are drawn for maximum partisan advantage. Allen Cappelli, a democratic activist, has stated the New York redistricting map is gerrymandered, but that it is no different than the districts drawn in Texas. Other states, like Illinois, New Jersey, and Maryland have also engaged in gerrymandering to heavily favor the Democratic Party. 

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