The New York Times Acknowledges Most Scientists Agree Transgender Swimmer Has a Biological Advantage in Sports

University of Pennsylvania’s transgender swimmer Lia Thomas has dominated women’s sports ever since transitioning. That fact has made many people angry. They maintain Thomas has a competitive advantage over the competition– being a biological male, as it were. Moreover, Thomas transitioned well after the formative years of biological development.

Yet, until recently, the people making the most noise were on the Right of the aisle. Of course, there are voices on the Left deeply opposed to Thomas’s competing with biological women. But for the most part, the Left either ignored Thomas or were outright jubilant at Thomas’ victory.

This is backwards of course, but it is the world we have inherited in the year 2022. We fully expect a culture shift of monumental proportions to happen — hopefully sooner rather than later.

The signs are there for that prediction. Indeed, things are starting to change — for the better, might I add. America First Patriots are fighting back, making their voices heard. And Leftists are starting to notice. Even the liberal New York Times, the newspaper Trump unaffectionately called the “failing New York Times”, is starting to report on the facts. And funnily enough, they are nodding in agreement. They reported a number of takes on Thomas’s swimming career, including a fiery take from Tennis Star and noted liberal Martina Navratilova:

“I played against taller women, I played against stronger women, and I beat them all. But if I faced the male equivalent of Lia in tennis, that’s biology. I would have had no shot. And I would have been livid.”

Then they announced the science of the matter, acknowledging the scientific consensus is against the parity of biological male and biological female athletes:

“Most scientists, however, view performance differences between elite male and female athletes as near immutable. The Israeli physicist Ira S. Hammerman in 2010 examined 82 events across six sports and found women’s world record times were 10 percent slower than those of men’s records.”

We are surprised by this admission. But the Left, who prides itself on “following the science”, is sometimes forced to admit uncomfortable conclusions, ones out of step with their ideology. Today was just one of those days.

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