New York Young Republican Club Refuses to Back Down After Criticism of Trump Support

On Thursday evening, following the announcement of an indictment against 45th President Donald Trump, the New York Young Republican Club (NYYRC) made waves with their statement in response.

“Every utterance that has escaped these monsters’ lips since President Trump first came down the escalator has built toward this moment; each falsehood, each misdirection, each deliberate misportrayal found its culmination in Alvin Bragg’s desperate action today,” the group wrote. “Radical leftist interests, beholden to an elite, internationalist cabal have taken the unprecedented step of indicting President Donald J. Trump, the leading candidate for the 2024 presidential election.”

“Every American feels today the solid grasp of the Fifth Column on his throat; henceforth, we must openly acknowledge what so many have long known: that control of our nation’s fate has long been prised from our grasp,” the NYYRC explained. “Let anyone who celebrates this downfall of our republic be forever branded a traitor to our nation. No one who mocks the people’s will can claim the title of an American.”

However, it was one part of their statement that got particular attention from those on both sides of the aisle:

“President Trump embodies the American people—our psyche from id to super-ego—as does no other figure; his soul is totally bonded with our core values and emotions, and he is our total and indisputable champion. This tremendous connection threatens the established order.”

In response to the bold message, Bill Kristol called the group “fascist” to which NYYRC President Gavin Wax wrote in response “Being called a fascist by the guy who orchestrated the deaths of over a million Iraqis is quite rich.”


“The depths of stupidity shown consistently by the [NYYRC] is bottomless. As former [YRNF] chairman I could not disavow this asinine commentary with more fervor,” wrote Jason Emert. “Hopefully national or [NYSYR] leadership will restore order to this once great Young Republican organization.”

Others, however, defended the NYYRC’s boldness with Vish Burba writing, “I’m still shocked that the media went into a tizzy about the New York Young Republican Club’s statement on the Trump indictment. They really can’t fathom that the next generation of the Republican Party can make high IQ arguments about what they see and what they want.”

Despite the criticism for their statement about the unprecedented political persecution of President Trump, the NYYRC announced a protest in Manhattan alongside Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) on Tuesday.

“Next week the [NYYRC] and [Marjorie Taylor Greene] will be peacefully protesting against the arrest of President Donald J. Trump in Lower Manhattan,” wrote Gavin Wax. “Come by!”

Once again the NYYRC is setting the example for how Republican organizations should operate, with boldness and resolve. The group organized a similar protest in mid-March when it was first rumored that Trump would be indicted. Given that protests success, it is likely that the upcoming protest will be even more successful.

You can read NYYRC’s full response here.

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