Gavin Newsom Gets Caught Red-Handed in Mind-Blowingly Hypocritical Picture

Football is America’s pastime, but since the pandemic began in 2020 the experience has changed drastically for the average American. Mask mandates are required all over the country and enforced at large stadiums. But that’s not the case for Gov. Newsom of California. At the Rams game on Sunday night, Gov. Newsom was caught in violation of the rules he constantly advocates for.  In multiple images, he was caught not wearing his mask while talking and watching the game from his stadium box.

The controversy began when Magic Johnson posted a photo he took with Newsom on Instagram. Neither of them had masks on. When asked about the incident, he claimed he was “trying to be gracious.” This excuse puzzled many people. Did he really take the mask off for the picture or was he ever wearing one at all? Well in the press conference, he claims he was wearing one saying “The rest of the time I wore it, as we all should.” Unfortunately for Newsom, that’s not what the photos show.

Pictures from the game show that Newsom was maskless at other points as well. He was in violation of not only the city’s mask mandate but also the stadium’s Covid-19 rules. In LA, masks are required to be worn by all individuals over the age of two. So why is Gavin maskless? These stories cannot be ignored and governors like Newsom must be called out for what they are: Hypocrites.

Right before the incident, Newsom went after Gov. Younkin in a Twitter post, where he praised school districts in VA for defying Youngkin’s executive order making masks optional for children in school. He said, “Virginia school boards sue to keep students safe and healthy with scientifically proven policies.” This is so hypocritical. If children need to wear masks at school, then Newsom needs to wear a mask at football games. It’s that simple.

The saying “Rules for thee, but not for me” is a perfect way to summarize what we are seeing from Newsom. Sadly, this is just another example of the hypocrisy of those in power. It’s amazing just how poorly our leaders have handled themselves.

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