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On Tuesday, a new survey by the Berkley Institute of Governmental Studies revealed that California Democrat Governor Newsom’s disapproval ratings have skyrocketed while his approval ratings are on the decline.

The survey, funded partly by the Los Angeles Times, shows that across the board, Newsom’s disapproval ratings have taken an upward trend since the last survey. Even among Democrats, Newsom’s approval rating is down three points, and his disapproval rating is up seven points since September.

Among registered voters, 48% approve of Newsom’s job and 47% disapprove. This, however, does not tell the whole story. Of the 48% who approve, only 16% strongly approve. In contrast, of the 47% that disapprove, 31% strongly disapprove of Newsom’s job – signaling that not even lifelong registered Democrats can match the level of discontent with the Governor’s job.

Even worse for Newsom, 66% disapprove of his handling of the homelessness crisis that plagues the state. Only 11% believe Newsom has done a good job with homelessness. Cities like San Francisco and Los Angeles serve as good reminders to registered voters that the situation has been degrading over the past six months since the last survey and Newsom’s liberal policies have done nothing to help.

When asked about crime, 78% responded that they believe that crime has had a net increase over the past year. This is no surprise given California’s relaxed laws regarding theft.

Poll Director Mark DiCamillo offered that “You see a lot of changing going on in the public’s mind. I think they’re focusing less on COVID, more on the other long-standing issues that the state has been facing.” 

The damage does not stop there. Newsom’s handling of the economy, healthcare, education, state water policy, and wildfire threats all saw net negative responses. It seems the voters cannot point out anything Newsome has done well recently.

Even Newsom’s handling of Coronavirus and climate change are not as positive as one would expect from California voters. Thirty-nine percent believe Newsom did an excellent/good job while 40% believe he did a poor/very poor job handling the Coronavirus pandemic. Granted, this is a net improvement from January 2021 results.

Similarly, only 32% believe Newsom is doing an excellent job handling climate change while 31% answered that he is doing a poor job. This time offering no improvement over the January 2021 results.

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Despite being at the forefront of the climate change movement, the governor of California cannot even win his own voters over when surveys roll out.

Under Gavin Newsom’s leadership, the percentage of people who believe the state is headed in the right direction has dropped 10 points to 36% in the last year. The percentage that believes the state is on the wrong track has soared a total of 9 points to 54% since May 2021. Despite this overwhelming discontent with the state’s direction and governor, the recall effort in September failed to break 40% in favor of recalling Newsom.

Gavin Newsom appears unable to ride the momentum of the near end of the coronavirus pandemic and the failure of his recall vote. California voters offer Newsom no pass and show their increasing discontent with the direction of the Golden State, yet they refused to oust him.

Despite this poll, it is likely that Republicans will have a difficult time unseating the Democrat incumbent. Although if the negative trends continue, California Democrats will find themselves struggling in the midterm elections.