‘Forget Fair, It Is Not Right:’ Former NFL Star SLAMS Biological Men Competing Against Women In Women’s Sports

This Saturday, Former NFL Superstar Marcellus Wiley posted a video to his Twitter in which he blasted the recent influx of high-profile biological male athletes competing against women in female sports.

During his playing career, Wiley was a pro-bowl-level defensive end who played in the NFL for ten seasons. He retired with the Jacksonville Jaguars in 2006.

“I have no issue with transgenders, but I do have an issue with athletes who are transgender women trying to compete against biological women,” Wiley tweeted. “Not against the Wiley Women! 💯 Why can’t the dudes who transition to women actually empower women by competing against men?”

In the video, Wiley assured viewers that he had “no issue with transgenders.” Nonetheless, he did take issue with, “athletes who are transgendered trying to participate going from a transition of a man to a woman — and now playing with the women.”

“And, I will say that. You all can try to Dave Chappelle me all you want,” Wiley said, referencing the attempted cancelation of Dave Chappelle in 2021 for comments he made about transgenderism.


“I am very clear on this. You can be a transgender. You can be a homie. But I’ll be damned if a male at birth turns into a female and tries to compete against my daughters. She ain’t out there. We out. Don’t make this a human rights issue – this is a biological issue. Simple as that. Trust me, I am a man,” Wiley added. “Like if I were me, Marcellus, and then tomorrow I’m Martha, I change up my gender, I’m now a woman, you know what I would try to do? Compete against the dudes. Why? Because that’s empowering.”

Wiley ended, saying, “I hate saying fair. It’s not even right. Forget fair, it’s not right.”

These comments will undoubtedly generate significant controversy. Indeed, Marcellus identified as a liberal in a 2017 Twitter post, so his comments should not be interpreted as especially right-wing or conservative.

He is concerned as a parent, not as a sloganeering politician, and he has every right to feel the way he feels. This is a divisive cultural moment — even among self-described leftists it appears.

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