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A group of LA County Police officers has recently stirred up significant controversy across the US. After failing to comply with vaccine mandates, these law enforcement officers could lose their jobs. With a firing looming, South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem stepped up to the plate with an offer I am sure they will be unable to refuse!

Vaccine mandates have been incredibly divisive in the political climate of 2022. A recent Rasmussen poll revealed that the majority of Americans are opposed to imposing financial penalties on those who refuse to take the COVID-19 vaccine. And yet, the Democrat Party marches on with their authoritarian measures. Who knows how these policy choices will affect their chances for political success with the midterms right around the corner. We can only hope the side of truth, justice, and law and order prevails!

That is where South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem comes in. Yesterday on Twitter, Governor Noem made her pitch. South Dakota stands for the freedom of all Americans to make their own health decisions. Moreover, South Dakota also backs the blue. Law enforcement is still very much loved and appreciated in her home state. She states the following:

“To LA County law enforcement officers facing potential firing:

In South Dakota, you will not be fired for making personal health decisions. We respect law enforcement and everything you do to defend our freedoms. We would love to have you come join us.”

This has to be a very tempting deal! As has been well documented, the Republican Party is the party of Law and Order. Republicans overwhelmingly back their local cops and law enforcement officials. South Dakota has a firm Republican Majority throughout — it is a solid red state and a bastion of conservative ideology. The Republican Party is also the party of freedom and liberty. The Republican Party (and South Dakota) is not anti-vaccine as such, but anti-mandate. In fact, it was President Donald Trump, with his Operation Warp Speed, who gave the world the vaccine at an unprecedented pace.

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Resultantly, the Party of Lincoln stands for the freedom of conscience. For conscience is a matter between a person and his God. Conscience is not the domain of the magistrate acting out of step with Fundamental Law. Instead, the Government’s job is to protect Americans and to facilitate the environment where our freedoms and rights reign supreme. Currently, only one party stands up for our fundamental, divinely given rights.

Here is the Tweet: