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The New York Times ran a piece on Monday claiming Democrats are unhappy with their current 2024 presidential prospects and are beginning to search for backups to Joe Biden, whose approval ratings continue to crater, as several major crises repeatedly rock his first-term administration.

The Times pointed to its own poll done in union with Siena College, showing 64 percent of Democratic voters want a new leader on top of the ticket in the upcoming presidential matchups — while only 33 percent of voters across the country approve of Biden’s job performance at all.

“Widespread concerns about the economy and inflation have helped turn the national mood decidedly dark, both on Mr. Biden and the trajectory of the nation,” the article reads. “More than three-quarters of registered voters see the United States moving in the wrong direction, a pervasive sense of pessimism that spans every corner of the country, every age range and racial group, cities, suburbs and rural areas, as well as both political parties.”

The Times added, “Only 13 percent of American voters said the nation was on the right track — the lowest point in Times polling since the depths of the financial crisis more than a decade ago.”

The article also worries that “more than two-thirds of independents also now disapprove of the president’s performance, and nearly half disapprove strongly.”


This isn’t the first time the Gray Lady has gone after Biden in recent days. Earlier this week it ran a story about the potential limits Biden’s age would put on the White House’s agenda and questioned the likelihood he would hold up under the consistent stress of a further four years in office.

In that same story, the newspaper referenced Biden’s staff and admitted they’re concerned about the president’s deteriorating physical state — which could cause him to fall or seriously injure himself.

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“They acknowledged Mr. Biden looks older than just a few years ago, a political liability that cannot be solved by traditional White House stratagems like staff shake-ups or new communications plans,” the article reads. “His energy level, while impressive for a man of his age, is not what it was, and some aides quietly watch out for him. He often shuffles when he walks, and aides worry he will trip on a wire. He stumbles over words during public events, and they hold their breath to see if he makes it to the end without a gaffe.”

Last month Biden did fall while riding a bicycle near his beach house in his home state of Deleware.

The almost 80-year-old Commander-in-Chief had to be helped off the ground, as those who were gathered around looked on with concern.

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