'Offense Not Defense': J.D. Vance Makes MAJOR Move To Stop The Return Of Tyrannical Covid Policies

On Tuesday, Sen. J.D. Vance (R-OH) introduced legislation to limit the federal government and commercial airlines' ability to institute mask mandates after many Americans have begun to fear the return of pandemic-era policies as new coronavirus variants spread.

The legislation, titled the Freedom to Breathe Act, would prevent the Biden administration from instituting mask mandates up until December 31, 2024, according to Fox News.

In addition, the legislation prevents the federal government from spending money that would lead to the implementation of mask mandates such as federal funding to airlines mandating face coverings.

"We tried mask mandates once in this country. They failed to control the spread of respiratory viruses, violated basic bodily freedom, and set our fellow citizens against one another," Vance explained to the outlet. "This legislation will ensure that no federal bureaucracy, no commercial airline, and no public school can impose the misguided policies of the past."

"Democrats say they’re not going to bring back mask mandates – we’re going to hold them to their word," he added.

As reported by Fox News, the legislation would institute the following requirements if passed:

  • "Prohibit any federal official, including the President, from issuing an order requiring individuals to wear a mask or other face covering on any passenger flight in the U.S. national airspace system, on public transit, or in school (primary, secondary, and college);
  • Block Commercial Air Carriers, public transit authorities, and all educational institutions from refusing service to anyone who declines to wear a mask or other face covering;
  • Prevent the Secretary of Health and Human Services from requiring plane or train passengers and students to wear a mask or face covering in response to a public health emergency;
  • Restrict federal spending to propose, establish, implement, or enforce a mask requirement on airline and public transit passengers and students;
  • Require all agencies issue new and revised guidance within 90 days of enactment to implement the law and preempt all other laws or guidance contrary to the Act."

Senator Vance got immediate support from Republicans with many praising the Ohio Republican for fighting for his constituents and going on the offense.

"My father called for this last week and it's great to see [J.D. Vance] going on offense to immediately turn it into legislation and force a vote on it," wrote Donald Trump Jr. "Every Republican who is serious about defeating the left should be publicly supporting JD's bill to stop mandates from returning."

"Offense, not defense. This is the way," Vance wrote in a response to Trump Jr. "Voters don’t expect us to win every battle. They do expect us to try."

As COVID-19 once again rears its ugly head with prominent figures like First Lady Jill Biden and Whoopi Goldberg catching the virus in recent days, Vance's legislation is the right move in order to prevent the tyranny seen during 2020 and 2021 from happening once more.

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