Oliver Anthony Takes Action After Venue Charged Exorbitant Price For Tickets To His Show - ‘These Are Supposed To Be Affordable Shows’

On Wednesday, Oliver Anthony, who went viral last month for his hit song 'Rich Men North of Richmond,' decided to cancel an upcoming show in Knoxville after he was unable to reach an affordable ticket price with the venue.

The venue, Cotton Eyed Joe, announced that Anthony would be performing there on September 27th and that ticket prices were going to be set at around $99 with a meet-and-greet option available for the high price of $200.

When Oliver Anthony heard about the exorbitant prices of the tickets, he took to Facebook to set the record straight and ensure the issue was resolved.

"I apologize for the price at Cotton Eyed Joe," the musician wrote. "Have a friend of mine trying to help me book gigs. I told him I don't want to do anything that's more than $40 a ticket, ideally no more than $25 a piece. These are supposed to be affordable shows. Please don't pay $90 for a ticket. I'm going to work out the details with him and if we have to reschedule this event somewhere else we will."

In follow-up comments on the post, Anthony explained that the extra $100 to meet-and-greet is not right: "It's also horseshit that they're charging extra for VIP meet and greet. Those are supposed to be free. I will get this sorted out asap. Dont buy any tickets until then."

According to Fox 19, the business alleges that Anthony was charging $120,000 for the show and they were setting the ticket prices to break even. However, the musician has denied that he charged such a hefty fee.

"The most I've ever made on a show is $35,000," the Virginian explained. "We've done two shows in NC that were completely free, and have another free show scheduled September 23rd in Kentucky for a cancer benefit."

"I personally talked with Cotton Eyed Joe on the phone about not charging extra for meet and greet," he wrote. "That's why I was so upset seeing them charging $200 for it. I felt like they suckered us into playing there just so they could make extra money off of y'all."

Ultimately, the show had to be canceled after the two were unable to come to a settlement on the ticket price. 

“Ultimately, it’s my fault for not being more directly involved with the venues who have reached out,” Anthony said. “I am not pointing fingers at Cotton-Eyed Joe, I don’t know where the miscommunication took place. I’m just upset seeing those prices.”

Oliver Anthony's good character and morality continue to shine through as he traverses the country and holds shows for the millions of Americans who want to hear his music live.

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