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A middle school art teacher, Casey Scott, at Cape Coral, Florida, claims she was fired for speaking to her students about sexuality.

She says that she made her students draw flag pictures expressing their own sexuality.

Yet, the Lee Country District claimed that she did not get fired for speaking about sexuality, but for not following the mandated curriculum.

The first-year art instructor at Cape Coral Middle School told WBBHTV that the administrators of the school fired her once learning she explained to the students that she is pansexual. And they made her throw out the drawings expressing sexuality.

“A discussion happened in class and because of that, now I’m fired,” Scott said.

Some of the students in her class apparently identified as non-binary, bisexual, and gay. She claims that the students were curious about her sexuality.

“I like anyone despite male, female, non-binary, transgender,” Scott said.

The middle school art teacher is married to a man. The school faculty was made aware of the incident and contacted Scott when she hung the drawings on her classroom door.

“They said it would be in the best interest if I got rid of them now,” she said.

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“I went over to the recycling bin. I grabbed all their flags, and all the kids were staring at me. And I crumbled their flags in front of them,” she continued.

Scott was sent home and was called by school administrators who told her that she was being released from her contract. According to the Lee School District, parents were complaining about the artwork and discussion of sexuality in the classroom.

A representative of the Teachers Union of Lee County, Kevin Daly, said Scott could be legally fired because she did not belong to the teacher’s union.

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