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America is nothing without her heroes. We need men and women to strive after — people who exhibit unsurpassed virtue in a particular domain. Now, we recognize all our American heroes have shortcomings — none of them are sinless. But we do not praise the grand men of yore for their perfection but for their excellence vis a vis that which they fought for. For if judgment without mercy were the standard, we would all fail, because, in many things, we all stumble.

All have fallen short of God’s glory. We make statues, not to idolize the person, but to instruct our persons to follow a virtue they exemplified. And today’s story shows more and more Americans are returning to the great tradition.

The Left has left behind the mercy of the Gospel in favor of their false hope — unbridled woke ideology. They think this can bring about true peace and true bliss. And they stand against relics of the past because these relics point to an alternative vision, a vision that offers hope and forgiveness.

Black Lives Matter is anything but a forgiving organization. They stand for cultural Marxism — a perversion of both mercy and justice. And the violence of that organization is apparent to all. Indeed, the riots spurred on by that organization were destructive. In fact, they destroyed many a monument — including, as we shall see, a statue of Colonel Hans Christian Heg on the Capitol grounds of Madison, Wisconsin. In 2020, BLM activists towed the statue away and threw it into a lake. Pure villainy.

But Americans are standing up. They are working against this divisive villainy. That’s why a few decedents of the Colonel are taking action, rededicating the statue to the people of Wisconsin.

As  Madison’s NBC 15 reports, Heg was a zealous abolitionist — a principled objector to slavery. That BLM went after him is particularly egregious. But BLM does not care for private property or the American Dream. They just want to make their voice heard. And they did that much, but it is looking as though they might live to regret it.

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