Nancy Pelosi To Appear in Drag Show

Democrat House Speaker Nancy Pelosi just hit a new low. In fact, her downward trajectory is becoming increasingly more apparent as the days wind on.

The Democrats are almost certainly bound to lose BIG LEAGUE in the coming midterm elections. But that does not compare to the plight she is about to subject herself to. Nancy Pelosi, for no apparent reason, is scheduled to take part in the judging of RuPaul’s Drag Race. We are all very confused, and it is not likely that our confusion will ease. Why, oh why, is Nancy doing this?

Of course, Nancy Pelosi — or Crazy Nancy, to use the nickname given to her by that great man — is not the sharpest tool in the shed. In fact, her upcoming guest spot on RuPaul’s Drag Race is not even her first appearance on the show. She appeared on the show in 2018, after President Trump banned transgendered individuals from serving in the military. The appearance represented a show of support for their ability to serve in the armed forces.

Did her 2018 appearance do anything of note? Probably not. But as per usual, she utilized it as a platform to virtue signal to the masses. Such “virtue signaling” is all the Democrats have left– performative theatrics to appeal to the emotions. The Democrats have no argument from reason or human experience. In fact, they gave up on rational discourse some time ago.

The Democrats would never subject themselves to the intellectual tradition, or the philosophy of the good life. They do not yearn to learn at the feet of an Aristotle, Thomas Aquinas, or Edmund Burke. They would rather get their politics from a TV show.

We do not know much about Pelosi’s appearance on the show. We know she is making an appearance, as the following clip shows. But the circumstances of her appearance have still yet to be revealed. Not that the circumstances will or can vindicate her — they cannot. But it would still be interesting why she thinks an appearance on the program will help anyone.

If this is the Democrats’ campaign strategy headed into 2022, Republicans should be VERY happy!

Here is the video:

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