“The fact remains that he flies commercially the vast majority of the time,” Arndt added.

“The exceptions have been when the Department’s career ethics officials, who have served under both Democratic and Republican administrations, determined that the use of a 9-seat FAA plane would be either more cost-effective or should be approved for exceptional scheduling or security reasons.”

The inspector general’s office stated in a memo that the review will “determine whether the Office of the Secretary complied with Federal regulations, policies, and procedures regarding executive travel on DOT aircraft.”

Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-IA) also requested an explanation of Buttigieg’s travel arrangements in January asking if all of the trips were justified.

He wrote, “Brief meetings with people you could have met with in Washington, or picked up a phone to talk to, create questions about whether you really required the use of a private jet, especially as you call on Americans to sacrifice to reduce carbon emissions.”

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