Leftists Encourage Children To Pledge Allegiance to the Pride Flag in Elementary School

In an odd but seemingly unsurprising event, students at a Maryland elementary school were invited to take part in a video pledging allegiance to a pride flag and holding a poster.

The Parent Teachers Association (PTA) for Montgomery County Public School’s Cedar Grove Elementary organized the event and announced that they would be “celebrating love, respect, and tolerance with a video compilation of our students holding a large poster of the flag in groups of six and saying the words: ‘Love, Respect, Freedom, Tolerance, Equality, and Pride.’”

The announcement continues with details about the video and submissions. Students were required to get their parent’s permission before participating, but that hardly makes the situation any better.

The post included a picture of the flag that students would be holding

Screenshot/Facebook/Cedar Grove Elementary PTA




Screenshot/Facebook/Cedar Grove Elementary PTA


Nothing says ‘Freedom’ more than using elementary children as political props.

The Daily Caller reached out to the school district’s director of communications Christopher Cram. According to Cram, a staff member proposed the event, which was then approved by school leadership.

“A staff member proposed the event which was then discussed by the principal and school leadership team for feedback and input. The team agreed that this was a positive initiative aligned to the school values.”

Cram continued, “Students need parent permission … to participate in the recording, it is not mandatory. It is optional and parents can opt out by not submitting the form for approval.”

So pro-LGBT rhetoric is only promoted within the public school system, not required.

That type of ideology does not belong in a child’s mind, and it certainly shouldn’t be promoted in public schools. These disturbed Leftists and aberrant parents need to be held accountable for willingly and openly destroying their children’s innocence for the sake of being ‘progressive.’ Young children do not need to be taught about sexual things in school. Florida’s Parental Rights in Education Bill was a step in the right direction but leaves a lot to be desired in terms of protecting the nation’s youth.

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