NFL Team Honors Police For The First Time Since 2020

The Los Angeles Chargers decided to honor law enforcement last week, the first time an NFL team has done so since 2020.

“Teaming up with Wounded Blue, an organization that highlights damage to police officers hurt on active duty, the Chargers invited members of the organization to the game.” Outkick reports

“Amid an increasing amount of violence since the George Floyd-inspired 2020 riots, the NFL has seemingly steered clear of supporting trust and safety between its general audience and pro-police causes. The Chargers became the first team to invite a pro-police organization since 2020.”

The NFL has gone woke recently. They committed $250 million to combat so-called “systematic racism.” They tweeted in support of the racist and Marxist ‘Black Lives Matter’ movement. Americans are fed up with the NFL pandering to the wokest of audiences — who make up a tiny percentage of their viewer base.

We want patriotism — not racism. NFL teams are waking up to that reality and they are beginning to honor, not just police, but police who sacrificed their well-being on our behalf.

As Fox News reports: “The Wounded Blue founder Lt. Randy Sutton, former Pennsylvania Highway Patrol officer Bob Bemis and Mason were on the field at halftime and were honored by the team.



Bemis is paralyzed, blind in one eye and in a wheelchair after being attacked on duty. Bemis was in charge of the “Thunder siren,” a World War II-style siren that blares when the Chargers score a touchdown.”

America First patriots back the blue. We know that most law enforcement officers are good people who are trying to protect their community. The Radical Left has character assassinated police at large, but Americans are not buying the Left’s fish story. In 2020, during the height of the Black Lives Matter riots, a Rasmussen poll showed most likely voters admitted there is a war on police. That same poll showed 68% of Americans are “concerned that deadly attacks on the police will lead to a shortage of police officers and reduce public safety where they live.”

Americans know a country without laws is no country at all. We back the blue because law and order matter.

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