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In a heartwarming turn of events, an injured Milwaukee Police Officer has been gifted the trip of a lifetime. 26-year-old Officer Herbert Davis exchanged gunfire with a criminal last Thursday and was hospitalized as a result. Per Fox News, the criminal, 23-year-old Jetrin Rodthong, had multiple open felony charges and an active warrant out for his arrest. Fortunately, the Officer was released from the hospital later that week.

Officer Davis is a Cincinnati Bengals fan. The Bengals recently ended a 33-yearlong conference game drought to make it to the Superbowl. The Bengals have won 3 games this postseason, with their last win requiring a 21-3 comeback of epic proportions. After learning about the officer’s fandom of the Bengals, Milwaukee’s WTMJ Radio gave the officer tickets that he will forever remember. The parent company of WTMJ, Good Karma Brands, gifted Officer Davis with two tickets to the Superbowl, as well as two-thousand dollars of spending money. The officer, clearly emotional at the moment, said he would gift the second ticket to his dad, who inspired his love for the team.

Stories like these show the good people are capable of when they put aside political differences and back those who protect us. This officer is a hero, and he deserves a hero’s reward. This is what backing the blue is all about. Officer Herbert woke up the morning of the shooting, knowing that such a dangerous event was a real possibility. He did it anyways to protect the people of his community.

Here is the full video: