New Poll Shows Biden Underwater on EVERY SINGLE Issue

A new poll put out by the Economist/YouGov shows President Biden’s approval ratings on every key voter issue, and the results are predictably terrible for the President.

The poll finds only 42 percent of Americans have a positive view of Joe Biden’s handling of the Presidency — with 51 percent disapproving. This is in keeping his Real Clear Politics polling average of 42.8 percent, but it is still abysmal.

But Biden’s approval rating on the specific issues polled in the survey is where it gets more interesting. Only 41 percent of Americans approve of how Joe Biden is handling jobs and the economy. 48 percent disapprove, including 36 percent who strongly disapprove.


On immigration, 53 percent of Americans disapprove of Biden’s handling of the crisis. The Border Crisis is a real issue that should scare Democrats, big league, in the years ahead — as voters of all stripes reject their open border policies.

Even on contentious issues like abortion, 48 percent of respondents disapprove of how Biden has handled the question of “abortion rights”, improperly so called. Only 35 percent of Americans approve of how Biden has handled the abortion issue! If the overturn of Roe has given Democrats renewed energy for the Midterms, you would have never guessed it from this poll.

The same goes for crime, where only 35 percent approve of President Biden’s handling of crime, with 47 percent of voters disapproving. Americans are done with lax liberal prosecutors. We need justice.

These numbers also indicate a powerful red wave coming in the November Midterms, as voters reject Biden’s policies and the policies of his party at large. MAGA Republicans should capitalize on these numbers, as Democrats struggle to separate themselves from the failed policies of Joe Biden. They had better do so if they want to be relevant in the years ahead, as Ultra-Maga America First patriots reorient our country back to the ideals of the Founders.

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