“Out of Touch… Condescending” New Poll of Likely Voters in Key Districts Shows Dems May Get a Rude Awakening this November

The National Republican Congressional Committee survey–which surveyed a sample of 1000 registered likely voters from March 12-16th, 2022–shows that Joe Biden and the Democrats are in for an uphill battle this November.

The survey looked at 77 battleground congressional districts across the country; these districts will determine whether Republicans or Democrats control the House after 2022. The NRCC also states that these are districts in which Biden won by 5.5%.

The NRCC states that a key takeaway from the poll is that Joe Biden’s approval rating continues to worsen, Republicans continue to expand their lead in the generic ballot and that a significant proportion of voters believe Democrats are “out of touch” and “condescending.” 

The poll found that Biden’s approval rating is 15 points underwater with only 40% of voters in these key districts approving Biden’s performance as President. The poll also finds a massive disparity between those who strongly disapprove (45%) and strongly approve (17%) of Biden’s job performance. 

Likewise, the poll found that Biden’s job approval has greatly diminished amongst Independents–with a drop in 34% since February of 2021–and Hispanics–with a drop of 31% since February of 2021. 

Another takeaway from the poll is that cost of living and jobs/economy are at the top of the list of concerns for battleground voters. 46% of battleground voters stated that they are most concerned about an economic issue. The poll found that Republicans have a +24% and a +20% advantage on the generic ballot when it comes to the issues of inflation and jobs/economy respectively. 

Among swing voters in battleground districts, 67% believe Democrats in Congress are spending money out of control–this comes as the national debt has exceeded $30 trillion and inflation has neared 8%. The poll also showed that 52% of battleground voters blame high gas prices on the Democrats’ unwillingness to allow more oil and gas production in the US; the RNC has even started voter registration drives at gas pumps.

One final takeaway mentioned by the poll is that battleground voters overwhelmingly support Republicans who are focused on addressing Democrat-created crises. The poll found that 78% of battleground voters are more likely to support a Republican candidate who will work to stop dangerous cartels from bringing drugs into America. 

The poll also found that 73% of battleground voters support furthering US energy independence by increasing oil and gas production and exploration in the US.

This poll sheds light on what many political pundits have been expecting. History tells us that the opposing party of the incumbent President usually wins in a midterm year. With the many economic, international, and cultural blunders–with Biden’s SCOTUS nominee being unable to define what a woman is–of Joe Biden and the Left, it seems likely that Republicans will see substantial gains.

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