Pro-Abortion Protesters Outdo Themselves: Hold Wildly Crass Signs and Chant Disgustingly Obscene Slogans

Just when you think pro-choice protesters have said enough crazy things, they come up with another equally if not a more crazy and obscene display of pro-murder support previously unseen.

This time, one of the signs suggested eating pre-born children – adding to the already insurmountable wall of evidence that these people have absolutely no moral grounding.

The sign reads “FETUS=GOOD SNACK”

Murderers turned cannibals – a predictable twist, but a demonic one nonetheless. In all seriousness, the sign is just a cheap attempt to dehumanize a fetus and desensitize those invested in the issue.

At the same protest, an indeterminable individual with questionable hygiene chanted “KEEP YOUR LAWS OUT OF MY P****.”

Another woman shouts “M*********** IS MURDER” at pro-life individuals.

This woman is incapable of recognizing the difference between sperm and a fertilized egg. Surely those on the pro-murder side of the aisle can conceptualize 5th-grade biology and incorporate it into their worldviews. Any non-woke biology textbook will tell you that human life begins at conception.

All these people are aware of the stages of human development even if at a rudimentary level, thus the only rational explanations for their behavior are willful ignorance or the internalization that they are in support of literal murder.

False equivalencies, shotty biology, and selfishness constitute the root of the pro-murder movement, so it is no surprise that logic does not anchor a single one of their arguments.

For these people, the issue is not about women’s safety (which is not even a remote issue if Roe v. Wade is overturned), it is the freedom from consequences of casual sex. Accountability is the real root of the ‘rationale’ for abortion and any attempt to argue otherwise is either misinformed or a painfully obvious coping mechanism used to justify one’s degeneracy.

The choice should not be between aborting an innocent child or carrying it to term, but rather to be responsible for the consequences of sexual actions or avoid the actions altogether. This, however, will not become a reality any time soon as those in favor of abortion are enslaved to their desires and worship no higher power other than themselves.

Overall, it seems this is just one of their latest dehumanization campaigns used to further internalize their support of murder and to sway the vulnerable fence-sitters to their side with blatant falsehoods.

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