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Project Veritas, the activist group that deploys undercover journalists, released footage of South Carolina state representative and candidate for US Senate, Krystle Matthews, where she stated that she needed to treat white people “like sh*t” to gain their respect.

“My district is slightly Republican, and it’s heavily white,” Matthews explained. “I’m no stranger to white people, I’m from a mostly white town.”

“And let me tell you one thing,” the Senate candidate continued. “You oughta know who you’re dealing with, like… you gotta treat them like sh*t, like I mean, that’s the only way they’ll respect you.”

“I keep them right here, like under my thumbs. That’s where I keep it, like… you have to, like, otherwise they get out of control like kids,” she said, adding, “So, for me, I know other people are tip-toeing around them. And I’m like ‘yo, that’s some white sh*t. I ain’t doing that.”

After comparing white people to children, the failing Senate candidate then blasted her fellow progressive Bernie Sanders for his failed run in 2020 where South Carolina was the turning point in his eventual defeat, according to the Post Millennial.

“They be like, ‘Well, I’m just gonna say it some white sh*t.’ And that was my problem with Bernie,” the South Carolina representative contended. “Because he was talking to an all-black crowd, and he was afraid to say black sh*t.”

“If I’m talking to an all-black crowd, I’m saying black sh*t,” she told the Project Veritas reporter. “Now if you don’t like it, you can get your ass up and leave.”

While this new video will create waves in the election contest, Matthews has faced off with Project Veritas before with a video released last June when a call she had with David Solomon Ballard, an inmate at the Perry Correctional Institution in Pelzer, was leaked.

“We need somebody who understands street gangs that we can clean up and put in a f****** suit,” she stated in the call, adding, “[Somebody] that knows like, again, we all working towards the same goal and we all know what the play is. Almost like a secret society, exclusive membership.”

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“Where’s the gangstas? Where the street n*****s at? Like, where they at?” she said. “They might not know all the college words, but you can’t hustle them, can’t f*** with their money. Like, they see the game a mile away. Where them at? We need to put some of them in a suit and tie.

Ballard then told the Democrat Senate nominee that he would connect her with a member of the “bloods” which is an organized street gang to which she responded, “Yeah, we need him… and I’m going to have to test him.”

Matthews will be facing voters in November to unseat Sen. Tim Scott (R-SC). While she has continued to campaign, her poll numbers are in the doldrums with Scott set to win the race by double digits. The leaked video is likely to hurt what little support she has left.

You can see the video HERE.

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