American Federation of Teachers Propose New Documents That Hide Pronoun Use From Parents

The American Federation of Teachers (AFT) has crafted new documents for use in the classroom that prompt students to list their pronouns and mark down whether or not they want their parents to know their preferred pronouns as the union has increasingly usurped parental authority.

The AFT website promoted the use of a card in all grade levels that is “something as simple as a Student Introduction Card could make a student feel seen and affirmed,” the lesson by the AFT’s Vision and Mission of the Identity Affirming Classroom Team read, per Fox News Digital.

“Can I call you this name outside of class?” the card read. “May I use these pronouns when calling home?”

“The harsh reality is that language can be an act of oppression or an act of resistance,” I-ACT said about pronoun use. “When marginalized groups experience oppression in the classroom through misgendering, not only can it be difficult to feel safe enough to learn, but sometimes it can also be reflected in the suicide rates of young people.”

The organization “believes an equitable learning community must engage and nurture authentic, inclusive relationships that cultivate student identity… [and] affirm the whole person.” 


I-ACT has gender identities like “two-spirited,” meaning “mixed-gender consciousness that results from being born with both a male and female soul; people with two spirits inhabiting one body through a continuum of gender identity variations and attractions,” listed amongst a list of LGBTQ+ terms

Amber Chandler, the president of a union affiliate of the AFT, stated in an article in June said, “It is still not the norm in my middle school to ask the simple question: Which pronouns do you prefer?”

“I’m embarrassed to say that I did not ask that question on the survey I gave students and families at the beginning of this school year,” Chandler said, adding, “but I plan to add that for next year.”

“Years ago, I quit assuming that my students’ parents were necessarily the people raising them, and I decided to go with ‘family’ or ‘cheerleaders’ or ‘supporters.’ It has made a world of difference for the people whose nontraditional family structures were always left out. I believe that asking for pronouns is going to do the same thing.”

Throughout the pandemic, the American Federation of Teachers pushed for increased lockdowns and more remote learning – harming school children despite K-12 students having a relatively low risk of dangerous complications from the coronavirus.

Their insistence on pronoun use within the classroom and usurping parental oversight of their children continued a pattern of the union caring less about the kids they are supposed to teach and more for their ideological end goals.

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