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On Tuesday morning, Press Secretary Jen Psaki held a press conference at the White House.

One reporter commented about Spotify putting misinformation labels on Joe Rogan’s podcast and followed up by asking if “The White House and the administration think this is a satisfactory step?” 

In response, Psaki brought up the Surgeon General’s advisory in regards to misinformation and public health and claimed it was a significant step in combating misinformation. 

In the advisory, the Surgeon General calls for big tech companies to suppress “misinformation,” implement consequences for “super-spreaders” of misinformation, and to amplify communications from “trusted messengers.” 

All three of these calls to action by the Surgeon General have disturbing implications for those who act against government and big tech narratives.

Following this comment, Psaki called for big tech, major news sources, and “certainly Spotify” to be “responsible and vigilant to ensure American people have access to accurate information.”

She ended her response by commenting that Spotify’s misinformation label is a good step, but “there’s more that can be done.”

Although Psaki did not use the word ‘censorship’, her comments hinted that some form of censorship should be the next step in combating what they deem as misinformation. 

Less than a year ago during a press conference on July 16th, Psaki asserted that “You shouldn’t be banned from one platform and not others — for providing misinformation out there.” She also spoke about working with Big Tech companies on “promoting quality information algorithms.” 

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The White House may not use the word censorship outright when discussing misinformation, but when the press secretary makes comments promoting coordinated bans, it is clear that censorship and being the arbiter of truth is at the forefront of their agenda.

Watch the full clip below: