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White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki held a press briefing Monday morning. During this briefing, she received a barrage of questions regarding the White House’s response to the news of Elon Musk’s purchase of Twitter.

She would not specifically comment on Musk’s purchase and instead maintained similar talking points about working with social media companies to prevent the spread of ‘misinformation’.

Specifically, Psaki said that she is “not going to comment on a specific transaction.” She continued, “The President has long argued that tech platforms must be held accountable for the harms they cause.”

Psaki also receive a question asking if she had anything to say to Musk and if the White House had any concerns regarding the new power structure of Twitter. Psaki’s response commented on the dangers of the new power structure and that the company needs to be held accountable.

The White House’s view on big tech and Psaki’s rhetoric on the topic almost sounds like a well-trained parrot when compared to Obama’s Stanford speech regarding big tech and censorship.

Psaki also responded to a question by Real Clear Politics reporter Philip Wegmann on whether the White House would be interested in working with Twitter “to continue to combat misinformation.”

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Psaki openly admits that the Administration has a hand in influencing the steps big tech platforms take in combatting ‘misinformation.’ She continues by calling for Congress to do more to control the information that is allowed to be spread on platforms and specifically calls for reforming Section 230 and enacting anti-trust laws.

The White House and the left seem intent on combatting misinformation, but never directly reveal who is in charge of determining what qualifies as misinformation. Given the current landscape surrounding censorship, it seems anything that damages the Administration and globalist narratives are subject to being labeled misinformation.

Arguments about COVID, elections, the Administration’s handling of the situation in Eastern Europe, Hunter Biden’s laptop, etc. all seem to be subject to being labeled misinformation despite very valid concerns about each of them.

Those on the left chose to be willfully ignorant of the censorship and of any valid criticism of the current administration.

The misinformation rhetoric should be seen as nothing more than a cheap attempt to sugar-coat complete narrative control. Elon Musk and the White House will likely go head-to-head regarding narrative control on the newly acquired tech platform. Hopefully, Musk will be able to form Twitter into a bastion of free speech and reject the influences of the Administration.