Psaki Has Disgusting Response to Florida’s New Anti-Grooming Bill that Protects Young Children from Sexual Discussions in Classrooms

As we reported yesterday, Florida has passed a new bill that effectively bans discussions of sex and sexual positions until after the third grade. A completely reasonable bill, one that would never have been controversial twenty years ago. But in Biden’s America, reason is out the window. Biden radicalism is apparent to all the world. He supports socialistic policies on economics, and racist CRT adjacent policies on race relations. Why wouldn’t he support a radical agenda being pushed on our children?

Luckily for America, Republicans and their leader, Former President Donald Trump, are still fighting for truth and justice. Unfortunately, their voices are being silenced and misrepresented. This is not a “Don’t Say Gay” bill. It is an anti-grooming bill. Who thinks that grooming is a good thing? Children should be protected. Children are sacred creations of God, beings with set developmental cycles which should never be frustrated. The liberal project for America is not natural, nor good, nor reasoned. It is Marxist through and through.

Jen Psaki was asked about the bill earlier today. Rather than addressing the merits of the bill in a civil and honest manner, she said something truly baffling. Jen Psaki went straight ad hominem. Again, the Democrats just do not act reasonably when confronted with the truth. Their demeanor should tell us something about their policies. After a reporter pointed out that Biden supported similar bills 25 years ago, Psaki had no real reply. But she did bring so fire. Here is the transcript:

“A bill like this, that would discriminate against families, against kids, put these kids in the position of, um, not getting the support they need at a time where that’s exactly what they need. It’s discriminatory. It’s a form of bullying. It’s horrific. I mean the President has spoken to that. In terms of his views and comments twenty-five years ago, the question is ‘What prompts them to do that’? Is it meanness? Is it wanting to make kids have more difficult times in school and in their communities? I would pose that question to them”

Jen Psaki is on the wrong side of history, along with the rest of the Biden administration. That much is clear as day.

Here is the video:

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