Netflix's 'Queen Cleopatra' BOMBS With Viewers And Critics Alike, Becomes The Lowest Rated Series EVER

Netflix’s newest piece of woke media is absolutely bombing in its rating, currently taking the spot as the lowest-rated movie/series on Rotten Tomatoes of all time. 

‘Queen Cleopatra’ is meant to tell the story of the titular pharaonic ruler, however, it seems the plot was hijacked by woke ideologies to transform it into a different product than what was intended. Even before the official release of the mini-series, viewers were already throwing criticism at the show for its casting, prompting the director to write a tone-deaf Variety article defending her decision.

The casting decision, to have Cleopatra be played by a black actress, infuriated Egyptian viewers so much so that the Egyptian government commissioned its own series covering Cleopatra. They intend to make the series with “the highest levels of research and scrutiny,” as previously covered by the DC Enquirer

While many people attempted to brush off the early criticisms as racism against the casting decision, it would seem the critics have been entirely vindicated. ‘Queen Cleopatra' has done the impossible task of managing to get a whopping two percent rating on Rotten Tomatoes in the audience category. ‘Queen Cleopatra’ has received a large number of reviews, over 5,000 according to the website, all while still maintaining that two percent score on the audience score.

The critic reviews are not much better, only sitting at a slight improvement at ten percent with ten different reviews. It seems even the woke members of Hollywood's critic scene cannot save the series from an abysmal score. 

Even going to IMdb doesn’t look much better, with the series having a one-star rating, the lowest possible score on the site with over 54,000 reviews. The one-star review makes it the lowest-rated TV show on the website, somehow receiving a worse rating than ‘Fred: The Show,’ a show entirely about a high-pitched YouTuber and his idiotic adventures. 

The rating goes past just a mob review bombing the series for passing on woke ideology to viewers. This goes into the very realm of a product that has no right to exist. It’s a piece of art so atrocious, some can consider it a crime to have ever been made in the first place. 

A single piece of media has somehow found a way to universally disappoint viewers, finding an audience of absolutely no one. It would make sense that with eight billion people in the world, any given piece of media would have to have even just a single fan. However, somehow Tina Gharavi, the director of ‘Queen Cleopatra,’ has found a way to produce a piece of work without a single person to enjoy it. 

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