Viewers Abandon Anti-Trump Rachel Maddow en Masse, While Her Understudy Fails Badly

“The Rachel Maddow Show” is struggling for viewers as the show’s namesake went from five days a week earlier this year to solely hosting her shows on Mondays, leaving the rest for her understudy Alex Wagner.

During the Trump Administration, Maddow became a household name as her monologues against the former president earned her millions of views. In 2017, her show averaged 2.5 million viewers, 2018 brought in 2.9 million, the following year had 2.8 million viewers, and the last year of the Trump presidency had an average of 3.2 million.

Despite her increasing success and her $30 million salary, the cable show host decided to step down earlier this year and instead only host her show on Monday nights at the 9 pm hour leaving Wagner the job to fill the hole left by Maddow, according to Fox News.

Wagner’s show premiered on August 16 and has since only averaged 1.6 million views with only an average of 157,000 viewers among the all-important demographic of adults aged 25-54.

The new host has been unable to capture the attention of Democrat viewers with pitiful nightly numbers. “Alex Wagner Tonight” had its worst night ever on Friday with less than 100,000 viewers from the 25-54 demographic tuned in.

The huge drop in viewers led to the overall average for last week to be only 129,000 average viewers as other shows like Fox News’ “Hannity” averaged 336,000 viewers showing just how strong America’s favorite news network really is.


“Instead of a splash in primetime, Alex Wagner has made a tiny, microscopic ripple as one could easily forget she’s a host in MSNBC’s lineup,” stated NewsBusters associate editor Nicholas Fondacaro, per Fox News. “Being Maddow’s glorified understudy hasn’t reaped the dividends MSNBC might have hoped for. She hasn’t scored any major headlines and thus becomes a void in the lineup.”

“Before getting the anchor position, Wagner was known for making headlines with outrageous statements maligning the right, including in her past life with MSNBC daytime. But these days she’s mostly on par with the same old same old liberal pontificating,” Fondacaro explained, adding, “Her stated goal for her show was to ‘dismantle’ and ‘undercut’ right-wing lies, but can anyone honestly say her show is anything different from the rest of MSNBC’s lineup?”

Maddow’s decision to relinquish her coveted 9 pm slot every night will likely hurt her career and make her increasingly irrelevant in a left-wing media environment that is transforming weekly.

This past month, CNN’s Don Lemon was demoted from his nightly news show to a morning co-host slot and one of CNN’s leading men, Brian Stelter, was also kicked from the network. As the left-wing media continues to attempt to defend the Biden administration, viewers are becoming disillusioned and fleeing to places like Fox News.

“Tucker Carlson Tonight,” Fox’s most popular show, averages 505,000 viewers amongst the 25-54 demographic showing that networks like CNN and MSNBC are falling behind and not speaking to what Americans really care about. 

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