Radical Anti-Gun Activist David Hogg Makes Absurd Claim About Second Amendment, Twitter Fact-Checks Him

On Sunday, anti-gun activist David Hogg once again doubled down on his effort to strip Americans of their second amendment rights with a series of tweets that were lambasted by critics as being against the Constitution.

“You have no right to a gun. You are not a militia. When you’re talking about your second amendment rights you’re talking about a states right to have what is today the national guard,” the 22-year-old wrote on Twitter. “The modern interpretation of 2A is a ridiculous fraud pushed for decades by the gun lobby.”

“We need to stop using the NRAs talking points and the false interpretation of 2A they have been pushing for decades,” he claimed. “Their version of 2A is younger than I am.”

“The future the gun lobby is pushing for is one with absolutely no gun regulation whatsoever where anyone can get a gun,” Hogg argued, adding, “That is the path we are going down right now. They want bad guys to have guns so they can use the rise in gun violence to sell more guns to scared people.”

In response to Hogg’s attempt to lie about the Second Amendment, Twitter, via community notes, fact-checked the Harvard student.


“While individual opinions about the proper reading of the Second Amendment to the United States Constitution differ widely, and have for generations, the United States Supreme Court has ruled that it does protect an individual right to bear arms (with certain limitations),” Twitter wrote citing the Supreme Court Case D.C. v. Heller which allowed for individuals to own a handgun for lawful purposes such as self-defense within the home.

Conservatives took to Twitter to lambast the activist for his ignorance. “David Hogg is a commie little prick who should pack his belongings and move to another country,” wrote Derrick Evans.

“I am a militia. David Hogg’s dad was an [FBI]Agent. He must be proud of his limp-wristed little Commie. Follow the regime, rip up the Constitution, get public praise from the oppressive dimwits,” wrote Kyle Seraphin. “I’d bet on my 4 yr old daughter in a firefight over this little boy.”

While Hogg once again attempts to strip Americans of their Second Amendment rights with arguments that are antithetical to the Constitution, the American people know better. The Second Amendment is essential to protecting the other liberties that make America what it is today. Without it as a check on power, the country would have fallen to tyranny long ago.

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