Radical Democrats Block Proposal To Tell DoD Parents Their Child Is Considering Gender Transition

The Democrats are the party of radicalism. Unlike the Party of Lincoln, they no longer occupy a treasured spot in the great tradition. They have long given up on their liberal principles of yore.   Resultantly, they have, in a certain sense, ceased to be liberal altogether. Tennessee Senator Marsha Blackburn pointed this out in epic fashion, in a brilliant new proposal that the Democrats unreasonably stuck down.

That much is to be expected. The Democrats have moved towards the authoritarianism of the Marxists. The Conservatives are still the Party of Burke, even if they have the occasional identity crisis. The Republican Party has not become more radical over the last six years. It has become a contender — all thanks to Donald Trump. And that is what scares the Democrats — the Republicans are set to win bigly over the next few years, perhaps even beyond.

Bill Clinton said the era of big government was over in the 1990s. Nancy Pelosi and Joe Biden tell us it has only just begun. And that radicalism extends to transgender ideology, a divisive set of ideas that stir controversy wherever and whenever they are brought up.

We understand the plight of the youth who has a disconformity in their biological identity and their mental identity. They deserve our compassion. But the solution to the worries of the trans youth is not to press gender-affirming care on them from the youngest of ages. They are not rationally informed enough to make that decision. The Republican Party generally agrees. The Democrat Party does not.

A recent new proposal was made by Senate Republican Marsha Blackburn concerning trans ideology. Blackburn proposed an amendment that would have informed parents whose children attend Department of Defense schools about if their child was considering a gender transition.

That’s a completely sensible proposal that everyone, until two seconds ago, would have agreed with. But the Democrats stuck it down viciously. As reported on Blackburn’s Senate website, the proposal would have done the following:

“U.S. Senator Marsha Blackburn (R-Tenn.) introduced two measures to the FY 2023 NDAA committee markup to make the U.S. Military less woke by preventing military children from being indoctrinated by Department of Defense (DoD) teachers and keeping the force focused on lethal threats rather than servicemembers’ pronouns.

Senate Democrats on the Armed Services Committee voted down both amendments.”

She said the following about her bill:

“The U.S. military must focus on confronting the New Axis of Evil –Communist China, Russia, Iran, and North Korea. These regimes do not care how woke our military is or what our soldiers’ pronouns are…

Pentagon leaders should be spending their time learning lessons about their disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan, not promoting critical race theory and wokeism. When our brave men and women are fighting on the battlefield, their children must be protected from government-funded indoctrination. These proposals are not controversial…”

They are not controversial. People generally believe in the primacy of the parent in their child’s life decisions. The school works for us. We do not send our children to school for the school system to ruin their lives. We send them in the trust that they will make the most of our children. Well, that trust is becoming more and more dubious every passing second we spend in Biden’s America. 2024 could not come soon enough.

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