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Prominent BLM activist and founder of Violence in Boston (a non-profit) Monica Cannon-Grant was arrested outside of her home on fraud and conspiracy charges. Her husband, Clark Grant, was also charged.

Cannon-Grant was named the Boston Globe’s “2020 Bostonian of the Year” for her activism regarding BLM and George Floyd. 

Cannon-Grant and her husband are charged with 18 counts of fraud and conspiracy concerning her non-profit Violence in Boston. Authorities charge that Cannon-Grant and her husband have defrauded a hefty sum of donor dollars out of over $1 million in grants and donations given to the Violence in Boston.

The indictment from the case states that “Cannon-Grant was the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Violence in Boston (“VIB”), a Massachusetts entity that Cannon-Grant formed in at least as early as 2017 to raise money to reduce violence, raise social awareness, and aid community causes, among other purposes.”

The indictment accuses Cannon-Grant and her husband of a “years-long scam” in which the prosecution states that the pair used “a substantial amount” of the money intended for their “anti-violence” non-profit for their own personal enrichment. 

Prosecutors allege that Cannon-Grant and her husband placed donations made to VIB (Violence in Boston) into their personal accounts. 

The indictment states that Cannon-Grant and her husband “used the initial deposit of $6,000 to pay for, among other things, $145 at a Boston nail salon; over $400 in grocery and Walmart purchases in Columbia, MD; hundreds of dollars in meal costs in Connecticut, New Jersey, and Maryland…$1,211 in charges to Sonesta Suites (hotel), Columbia, MD; hundreds of dollars in fuel, parking, and car rental costs; and hundreds of dollars in ATM withdrawals.” Just over a month late, the balance had a negative balance of -$552.38.

Cannon-Grant’s attorney, Robert Goldstein, has stated that “we are extremely disappointed the government rushed to judgment here…drawing conclusions from an incomplete factual record does not represent the fair and fully informed process a citizen deserves from its government, especially someone like Monica who has worked tirelessly on behalf of her community.”