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The Left does not care about decorum. Historically, decorum and respect for the ordered nature of society were conservative values. The Left, by jettisoning all notions of societal order, basically led us into the world we experience today.

That continued last night when a leftist talk show host said some truly deplorable things on the Fox News channel — things he has to be ashamed of.

People blame Trump and his rough manner of speaking for the divided America we experience every day. They claim he divided America by putting us into groups. But that could not be farther from the case. Trump took advantage of a situation conditioned by the Left.
The Left, by ridding itself of all notions of the common good, has ceased to be a reasonable actor. Trump did not divide America with his rhetoric. In fact, he hoped and strove for America to be united once more — as it was under Ronald Reagan and many previous administrations.

But that all went out the window with President Obama and now with President Biden. And that continued yesterday when Mike Crute, a talk show host, went on Fox News Live with Mike Emanuel to talk about recent bipartisan gun legislation. The conversation was fair and balanced at first, in typical Fox fashion. But it quickly went off the rails, when Crute connected gun control legislation to the January 6 Committee in stunning fashion:

“Well, we absolutely need to take the fight to Republicans… Of course, we want to stop people who have been identified as red flag… But here’s the fight part: Joe Biden should be out there fighting for democracy every single day.
We should be talking about the January 6th hearings that go again live, that this network failed to cover because I tell you what, the real fight is for democracy. The real fight is for the soul and the real bull s*** is that your network won’t cover it.”

That was pure and utter filth, as guest Jeff Crouere pointed out. We do not expect any better from the Left.

After Emmanuel pointed out that Fox is covering the hearings on other networks (Fox Business), he continued to lose it. That’s the Left for you — they are unimpressed by the facts. But even if Fox didn’t cover it, that wouldn’t be all that pressing of a concern.

These hearings are largely unimportant, and not every single bit of news from Washington needs to be live-streamed. Fox is too busy broadcasting more pressing issues that affect America — as the other guest Jeff Crouere pointed out. We could not agree more.

Here is the segment:

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