RADICAL: Liberal Governor Justifies Vile Independence Day Posts On Basis Of Dobbs Decision: ‘Who Could Blame Them?’

Liberals everywhere are doing all they can to undermine faith in our republic’s fundamental institutions. And as Americans, we have had enough! Today’s article focuses on Democrat Governor Phil Murphy of New Jersey, who claims radical reactions from many on the Left to this year’s July 4th celebrations are reasonable, given the recent Dobbs abortion ruling.

Per today’s story, New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy went on CNN’s ‘New Day’ earlier this morning and addressed many of the Left’s concerns about July 4th in a Post-Roe America. A multitude of Leftists had been sharing their disdain for the United States following the High Court’s decision, including many a celebrity:

Ironically enough, we have heard this “subversion” rhetoric applied to the right-wing a great deal in the past two years. ‘The right are the true rebels.’ the Left maintains. And yet, the facts do not support this liberal claim. As has always been the case, the right-wing is the conservative nucleus holding our country together.

The right still has the same approach to the Constitution it did 150 years ago. On the other hand, the Left adopts a “living document” stance, which their justices can then use to support anything the Left wishes to justify — at any given moment. That is why much of the Dobbs dissent focused purely on the consequences of the 5-4 decision to overturn Roe, not its constitutionality.

And how did the New Jersey Governor respond to leftist worries concerning the ruling? Exactly how you might expect. Rather than focusing on national unity and the reliability of our fundamental institutions, Murphy instead decided to belittle the Supreme Court Justices who rendered the Dobbs decision:

“I mean, who could blame them? God bless America. We still are, let’s not forget, the greatest nation on Earth. But war has been declared by a right-wing Supreme Court bloc against American women.

And, by the way, they have likewise allowed us to, overnight, become a lot less safe due to concealed carry gun laws. And look at the tragedy that happened yesterday in Highland Park. So we are a great nation, but we are in challenging troubled times right now. And women, especially, are paying a huge price.” 

As we mentioned earlier, the Left is incapable of answering the Conservative constitutional argument on the merits. So instead, they appeal to their red-meat issues — “bodily autonomy”, “the Second Amendment is not absolute”, etc.

That is precisely what occurred during Murphy’s CNN appearance. There is no right-wing SCOTUS bloc. There is a court that accurately interprets the constitution. And there is the bloc that fails to do so. We know which one we prefer.


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