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The Senate passed a joint resolution to express disapproval for the CDC transportation mask mandate. Senator and physician Rand Paul led the effort to force the vote. Paul has been at the forefront of attacking tyrannical mandates issued because of the COVID pandemic.

The Senate voted 57-40 in favor, eight of Yea votes coming from Democrat senators. Unfortunately, but unsurprisingly, Republican Mitt Romney voted against the resolution – the only Republican to do so.

This vote follows a TSA announcement that the air travel mask mandate would be extended through April 18th.

Following the vote, Paul released the following statement:

“Today, the Senate said enough is enough and sent a message to unelected government bureaucrats to stop the anti-science, nanny state requirement of travel mask mandates,” said Dr. Paul. “Since March 2020, unelected bureaucrats have incessantly declared that we should ‘follow the science.’ But the same bureaucrats continue to defy science by imposing an ineffective and restrictive mask mandate for individuals traveling on public transit and airplanes. As the entire world is learning to live with COVID, the federal government still uses fear-mongering to stubbornly perpetuate its mandates, rather than giving clear-eyed, rational advice on how to best protect yourself from illness. That is why, I forced this vote, and I applaud the Senate for rejecting this nonsense.”

The resolution will now head to the House of Representatives for consideration. With the midterms looming and the growing dissatisfaction with the continued mandates, the end of transportation mask mandates could be on the way.

House Republicans also produced a similar resolution in February to disapprove and dismantle the CDC mandate. The resolution is yet to be voted on, but it may find bipartisan support as blue states continue to ramp down their excessive COVID restrictions.

These resolutions are also joined by a lawsuit filed by Republican members of Congress. Representative Thomas Massie and sixteen other Republicans joined together in Massie et. al. vs Centers of Disease Control.

Massie released a statement explaining his reasoning for the lawsuit:

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“The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention does not have the legal authority to force people traveling on commercial airlines to wear masks,” said Rep. Thomas Massie. “Congress never passed a law requiring masks on commercial flights. This lawsuit targets the faceless bureaucrats who are behind the CDC’s unscientific regulation so that this illegal mask mandate can be brought to a permanent end.”

The lawsuit has two primary claims against the CDC:

  • First, none of the statutes or regulations cited by the CDC for the authority to mandate that individuals wear masks on commercial airlines, conveyances, and at transportation hubs permit the CDC to implement or enforce this mandate.
  • Second, even if Congress had granted the CDC the authority to promulgate the mask mandate, the granting of this authority would violate a principle known as the “non-delegation doctrine.”

Americans are tired of the mandates. With these three measures taken by the Republicans in Congress, the American people may yet see the end of the authoritarian actions imposed by the Biden Administration.