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Senator Rand Paul is in the news again, this time for fighting against President Biden’s totalitarian mandates. Rand Paul has been a prolific figure in the news recently. His notoriety has grown primarily due to his dialogues on another public health-related issue — the lab leak theory of COVID-19 origins. Rand Paul’s advocacy of the theory has produced some memorable interactions with Biden’s top health advisor — Dr. Anthony Fauci. Rand Paul has been at the forefront of that discussion, but more recently, has had his eyes set on another issue — the end of COVID-19 mandates.

These mandates have pressed Americans on all fronts. The American people are not overwhelmingly anti-vaccine or anti-mask. The numbers just do not bear out such an inference. Nonetheless, as we have reported, more and more Americans have concluded mandates are ineffective tools to reach our public health goals. Biden and Fauci have failed to convince America at large that mandates are the way forward. America is a free country, and mandates only do away with the freedom of conscience all Americans ought to enjoy. Biden and Fauci do not care much for freedom. Power is the name of the game for the establishmentarians who run the country, and mandates (not vaccines or masking as individual choices) are the ultimate show of raw force and authority. The Democrats are the real power grabbers. They accuse Trump of that crime while ceasing constitutional rights from the citizens they were elected to protect. 2022 may put an end to their dreams. We can only hope.

This is where Kentucky Senator Rand Paul comes in. Paul was recently interviewed on Fox News’ “Unfiltered With Dan Bongino” and what he said will rock the political landscape in the coming weeks. Paul plans to make the Senate vote on a measure that would end COVID-19 mandates on planes.

As of today, airports still require passengers to wear masks for the entirety of their trip, per public health guidelines. Senator Rand Paul maintains that these mandates are ineffective at reaching the Biden Administration’s goals. People can make the choice for themselves if they wish to mask up. But Paul does not support imposing the mandate on others. To quote Rand Paul:

“I think ultimately the Democrats are going to wake up one day and say, my goodness, everyone hates us now because we’re the nanny state.”

We applaud Senator Rand Paul, and we look forward to seeing new pieces of legislation in the future which continue to protect our rights as citizens of America.

Here is the video: