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Kentucky Senator Rand Paul is a champion of the free market. Much like his dad, he loves small-government principles. As Americans, we do not need a tyrannical government watching over us. We can make our own decisions. And businesses also should be able to act without tyrannical Government intervention and oversight.

Contrary to all common sense, President Biden has embraced the socialist meanderings of his party. He may reject the label. He may identify as a Capitalist. But his actions say otherwise. He has disabled a vibrant and thriving energy industry for no just reason. And we are still feeling the brunt of that decision today.

Gas prices are extraordinarily high. We were buying Russian energy, but we stopped. Now we have to rely on the Saudis and others. Biden has hurt our economy, he has hurt our troops, he has hurt our border, and he has hurt us.

Rand Paul recently did an interview with Fox News. And what he said on the interview needs to be heard. The Senator went off, saying the following:

“When the left talks about more clean energy, it is really code for less coal, less fossil fuels, less nuclear. And  she should at least realize that this is what got us in this predicament, got Europe in this predicament. Germany dramatically eliminated coal from their energy, and dramatically eliminated nuclear almost overnight over the course of a couple of years. And they’re almost entirely dependent on Russian oil and natural gas now because of the green movement.

The green movement has put Europe under the thumb of Putin, and under the thumb of Russia, so she’s got it completely upside down and wrong. But every American ought to know from a gut feeling we should be producing all types of energy. I’m not against windmills or solar power, but if you want energy for large populations, you have to have other forms of energy, as well.”

Then he hammered Elizabeth Warren for blaming the high gas prices on corporate greed. Gas tycoons have always been greedy, he maintained, so that’s no explanation for the rise in prices. Paul also celebrated bipartisan support for ending travel mask mandates.

We applaud him for standing up to Biden. America needs more brilliant leadership from men like Rand Paul.

Here is the full video:

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