CEO Tells Rashida Tlaib to Her Face that Her Policies Will Lead America Down the ‘Road to Hell’

J.P. Morgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon embarrassed “squad” member Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-MI) after the congresswoman asked if banks would halt investments in oil and gas projects.

“You have all committed, as you all know, to transition the emissions from lending and investment activities in line with pathways to net zero in 2050,” Tlaib stated, asking, “Do you know what the international energy agency has said is required to meet our global 2050 net targets of limiting global temperature rise to 2.7 degrees Fahrenheit or 1.5 degrees Celsius?”

“So, no new fossil fuels production starting today, that’s zero. So I’d like to ask all of you and go down the list because again you all have agreed to do this,” the representative continued. “Please answer with a simple yes or no. Does your bank have a policy against funding new oil and gas products?” 

In response to Tlaib’s question, Dimon quickly responded with the following: “Absolutely not, and that would be the road to hell for America.”

Tlaib, seemingly taken aback by this response, attempted to change the subject from oil and gas to student loans, per Breitbart.

“Yeah, that’s fine. Sir, everyone who got relief from student loan who has a bank account with your bank should probably take out their account and close their account,” she exclaimed, adding, “The fact that you’re not even there to help relieve folks who are in extreme debt because of student loan debt and you’re out there criticizing it.”

Tlaib then went on to question the other bank CEOs about their commitments to stop fossil fuel investments with each of them rejecting that idea.


“We will continue to invest in and support clients who are investing in fossil fuels and in helping them transition to cleaner energy,” stated the chief executive of Citigroup Jane Fraser.

“We are helping our clients make a transition. And that means we are lending to both oil and gas companies and to new energy companies,” stated Bank of America CEO Brian Moynihan. “We’re helping monitor their course toward the standard you are talking about.”

The Michigan representative, clearly unsatisfied with the bankers’ answers, attacked Dimon once again stating, “you obviously do not care about working-class people.”

She then concluded her remarks by threatening the financial institutions with increased regulation to stop them from fossil fuel investments.

“If your financial institutions are not going to follow through on your net zero commitments,” she began, adding, “then regulators—including the Federal Reserve and Congress—must step in and make them.”

Despite Tlaib’s claim that Dimon doesn’t care about working-class people, she should look in a mirror. The accelerated pace at which Democrat politicians are pushing their green energy policies is leading to increased energy prices and unstable energy grids.

Every day Americans are suffering from the rapidity of green energy policy and the sudden halt of fossil fuel production will truly be hell.

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