Record Setting Legend, President Trump Massively Overflows Yet Another Venue With Huge Rally With Over 10,000 People

Forty-fifth President Donald Trump, a legendary man known for shattering attendance records, held a “Save America” rally in Wilmington, North Carolina on Friday at the Aero Center at the Wilmington International Airport and overwhelmed the capacity by thousands of people.

The Aero Center, which has a capacity of 7,200 people, was packed to the brim with an estimated 10,000 people attending Trump’s rally, while thousands more that weren’t able to get inside were watching outside via a large screen.

Even though the doors to the rally opened at 2 p.m., many began lining up as early as 8 a.m. and some even camped out to witness President Trump in action.

And that’s not all! Another whopping 200,000 people were watching Right Side Broadcasting Network’s (RSBN) coverage of Trump’s rally on Rumble.

“Trump also said his rallies have been ‘bigger than ever’ and said by the size of the crowd in Wilmington, he has no doubt Budd will win the election in November,” Star News Online reported. “Before the fake news lies about it again here’s a real look at the crowd at the Trump Rally in Wilmington North Carolina,” Real America Voice’s Ben Bergquam wrote in a post on Twitter.

Despite Trump’s successful rally, an ant-Trump Twitter user claimed local North Carolina news reported there were only 1,000 people attending Trump’s rally. “My local news in Wilmington, NC just reported the Trump rally crowd at 1,000 people. A whole 1,000 people,” Twitter user Terri Rossi sarcastically wrote.

One thing is for sure! Trump’s opposition definitely does not care about facts.

“And in 2024, most importantly. But most importantly, we’re going to take back our magnificent White House. We’re going to take it back,” Trump declared at the rally.

“USA, USA, USA…” the crowd chanted in response.

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