RED WAVE INCOMING: Oregon Could Very Well Elect Its First Republican Governor In Nearly 35 Years

Oregon  — encapsulated in the lawless city of Portland — is a notoriously liberal state. But as with all the states of our union, there are America First patriots who still defend the values upon which our country was founded. These citizens are tired of the Democrats and their efforts to ramsack our Republic. As such, they are supporting Conservative candidates like Oregon Gubernatorial Candidate Christine Drazan, who could be the first Republican Governor of Oregon since 1987.

A former state Representative, Drazan served as House Minority Leader from 2019 to 2022. She has experience warring against a divisive Democrat Agenda. In Oregon, that agenda is becoming increasingly unpopular — Liberal Governor Kate Brown is one of the most despised leaders in the country.

Drazan is taking action for the future of her state, and she will not back down. As the National Review writes:

“As the general election kicks into gear, Drazan said she thinks this is the GOP’s year: ‘The political environment itself is reflective of the fact that Oregonians are seeing with a level of clarity, for the first time, what single-party control has meant in their own lives,’ Drazan remarked


”Whether or not it was Covid or homelessness or rioting or affordability — you know, the price of housing, or labor costs, or just the price of goods and services in Oregon — the stark impacts of the last couple of years have been very, very kitchen-table-focused. And that has created this environment where Oregonians, in record numbers, are saying Oregon’s on the wrong track, because single-party leadership has not helped them.'”

We cannot agree more. It is no wonder polling indicates Oregon is up for grabs. Polling site Five Thirty-Eight shows Drazan beating her two competitors — left-leaning independent Betsy Johnson and former House Majority speaker and Democrat Tina Koteck — in a slew of recent polls. As the University of Virginia’s Center For Politics writes:

“Outgoing Gov. Kate Brown (D) is deeply unpopular, and there may be some desire for change in the Beaver State. Johnson, the independent, would still be the most surprising winner, and Kotek and Drazan both will be working to try to prevent their voters from flocking to her banner. There’s just enough uncertainty here that we’re looking at the race as a Toss-up now.”

If these polls are indicative of anything, the coming red wave could make its way the shots of Oregon. We are glad to be here for it.

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