Republican Candidate Vying For George Santos’ Seat Has Deep Ties to BLM, Other Far-Left and Anti-Trump Groups

Kellen Curry, who is running for Congress as a Republican in NY-3, the seat formerly held by George Santos, has substantial ties to a radical left-wing consulting firm called “New Politics” through Steven Craven, his alleged general consultant. The organization’s mission statement, available on its website, describes its purpose as being committed to revitalizing “American democracy by recruiting, developing, and electing servant leaders who put community and country over self.”

New Politics actively targets candidates like Curry with some military experience and states that its overall mission is to “revitalize democracy,” borrowing a favorite catchphrase from the Democratic playbook. It seeks to accomplish this mission by breaking down “barriers to entry,” a code term used by critical race theorists to describe the bogus idea of “structural racism,” and by choosing “servant leaders” on the basis of – not merit or skill set – but “diversity.”

Craven serves as the organization’s “Senior Campaign Advisor.” The website describes his role as being “an advisor, coach, and liaison to Republican candidates and their senior staff.” 

Included under the umbrella of New Politics is an initiative called the New Power Project, which is even more upfront about the group’s radical aims. Parroting language explicitly used by woke companies that promote “Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion,” a catch-all phrase that amounts, in practice, to anti-white discrimination in hiring and employment now popular among brands like Disney and Blackrock, New Power Project asserts that “[o]ur country’s institutions have failed to provide equal opportunity for all.” 

In response to those grievances, the so-called initiative has committed itself to “build and expand pathways to public office for servant leaders who, for generations, have been voiceless, empowering them to access the levers of meaningful and lasting change.” Put simply, it is committed to “empowering” those who share the far left’s view about America being an inherently racist and, therefore, immoral country. Fittingly, every single one of the “New Power Candidates” featured on the organization’s website are far-left Progressives, such as Democrat Congressman Ritchie Torres from NY-15, with woke policies on crime, immigration, critical race theory, and a litany of other issues. The roster of candidates, all of whom are black, also plays directly to the organization’s racist, anti-white agenda and extreme black supremacist ideals.

Curry, through his campaign, also has ties to anti-Trump groups on the Right. This includes “The Lincoln Project,” a notoriously anti-Trump “right-of-center” PAC, which has only ever used its resources toward one goal: preventing President Trump’s re-election. The organization, originally founded by George Conway, the disgraced ex-husband of Trump aide Kellyanne Conway, also has a history of making significant contributions to anti-MAGA candidates. Indeed, there has been substantial overlap between the donors of New Politics and The Lincoln Project. For instance, during the 2022 House primary race in Florida’s 1st Congressional District, the seat currently held by Matt Gaetz, the Steven Craven-led New Politics operation heavily backed the campaign of Gaetz’s anti-Trump primary opponent, Bryan Jones. Many of the donors listed on the FEC filings for the Jones congressional race are also listed as prominent Lincoln Project donors. The fact that Steven Craven, who is now likely pulling the strings behind the scenes for the Kellen Curry campaign, had strong links to two vehemently anti-Trump groups, The Lincoln Project and a Black Nationalist-affiliated consulting firm, should be worrisome to voters in a district whose Republican voters overwhelmingly support President Donald Trump. Craven’s office could not be reached for comment despite multiple attempts. However, an interested donor confirmed, via a text message from Kellen Curry himself, that Craven was, in fact, operating as Curry’s “GC.”

These worries have been fueled by a recent appearance Curry made on CNN, where he was asked by Jake Tapper who of the Republican primary presidential candidates he supports. Despite being asked the question multiple times, Curry repeatedly deflected, saying that he had no preference between Trump, the decisive frontrunner, and DeSantis, Haley, and Ramaswamy. “I am going to support the Republican nominee at the end of the day,” Curry said, to which Tapper responded, “It’s not the end of the day, right now, it’s only 4:23, who do you like?” Curry failed to say who he supported, which is especially odd, given Trump’s commanding lead in every poll – and the overwhelming favorite among Long Island Republicans, in particular. His name was, however, featured in an FEC filing, where he contributed $250.00 in July to anti-Trump RINO Republican candidate Will Hurd, whose short-lived campaign ended in October, at which point he endorsed Nikki Haley.

Finally, like many other establishment candidates, Curry is a very recent transplant to the district. Following the footsteps of Hillary Clinton, who moved to New York State for the sole purpose of running for Senate, Curry is only a recent resident of New York, though he is originally from Oklahoma. Due to Curry’s strong Oklahoma connections, it has also been reported that he was a registered voter there as recently as 2022, though the campaign could not be reached for confirmation.

The above paints a distressing portrait that Kellen Curry, despite marketing himself as a Republican, is a Trump-hating establishment “RINO,” whose chief campaign operator is linked to a group that promotes Black nationalism and other radical left-wing, anti-American ideas. It is strange, given his background, that he would be running for a district that elected George Santos, a MAGA Republican diehard who boasted the most conservative voting record of the New York Republican delegation before his unceremonious expulsion from the House earlier this month. 
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We don't need any more RINOs in Congress!


My opinion: A transplant by the sect which invented the DEI. An idiotology which not only discriminates against Whites, but was designed to destroy this country. It confuses Blacks into believing a change in circumstances is in their favor, however if Blacks looked deeper into all the events currently occurring within this nation, for example entry of illegal immigration which are not all Black or Hispanic, but misleads Hispanics into believing this open door policy is for their benefit. The heavy influence of China within our country through education and real estate acquisitions as well as being a part of illegal immigration, the stance of Black "empowerment" falls mute. Blacks have long been abused by the Democratic Party hence the all Black candidates listed in the New Politics site... puppets used by a powerful White guy to cause an upheaval within this country so that tyranny can walk in. This is the big picture. This discovery of Curry's ties should have been noticed by the GOP before placing him as a Republican on a ballot. It is the belief of the far left that people vote for parry not candidate. GOP has become an enabler for this belief. What good is the GOP when it is clear, the many Rinos that are currently within our Congress?

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