Major Win For Republicans as Hispanics Flock to the GOP in Key Miami-Dade

 Republicans have taken the lead in convincing Hispanics to join their ranks in Miami-Dade as more Latinos have registered as Republicans than Democrats in recent weeks as economic issues, the crisis on the southern border, and other Democrat blunders convince the once deep blue constituency to turn red.

For the month of August, recent data shows that 252,395 Hispanic voters in the county are registered Democrats while 323,133 are registered Republicans, that’s a 70,738 vote lead for the GOP.

In addition to shattering recent numbers, the GOP’s lead has increased substantially since the last midterm election cycle in 2018 with their total voters amongst Hispanics increasing by 52,039 while Democrats lost 2,091 voters.

While Republicans hold the lead amongst Hispanics, however, they still have to make up ground amongst other voters to be competitive in the county, according to Breitbart. Democrats still hold a 146,975 voter advantage, quite the gap with only two months until November.

Meanwhile, voters who have not registered with a political party have risen significantly since 2018 from 277,666 to 307,825, an increase of 30,159, which could potentially show discontent with the Democrat party given that they have lost voters while Republicans have gained.

In response to the great news for the party of Lincoln, Cristina Pushaw, who serves as Gov. Ron DeSantis’ press secretary and recently as rapid response director for his reelection campaign, tweeted, “Wow! Great numbers” given that the allure of Gov. DeSantis has likely invigorated Hispanic voters to join his party.


Miami Hispanics join a growing trend throughout the country of Latino voters abandoning the Democrat Party in droves as the two parties are neck and neck vying for voters from the largest ethnic group in the United States, per Axios.

As Democrats continue to cater to their elite, white, and wealthy constituents with programs like student loan forgiveness, they are driving away working-class Americans that had once served as their base of support.

This party realignment has allowed Republicans to gain increasing momentum to become the party of the working class and become increasingly multiracial with Hispanics leading the way.

As Democrats continue to attempt to vie for control of state legislatures and congressional seats in states dominated by Hispanics like Texas, Florida, and New Mexico, they are running into increasing problems as voters reject their attempts at outreach, which has been filled with the use of “LatinX” and Jill Biden comparing Latinos to breakfast tacos.

This trend, hopefully, will secure the GOP the Congress come November and allow Republicans to stand up to Biden’s overburdensome and out-of-touch agenda.

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