‘America First’ Republican Wins With Surprising Upset In Crucial Battleground State

Kari Lake (R) has officially won the GOP gubernatorial primary race in Arizona, following a days-long wait for votes to be counted in Maricopa County. The former news anchor will go on to face Katie Hobbs (D) who won the Democratic primary nomination.

“We officially won every single county in Arizona. Clean sweep of the State. This isn’t MY win. This is OUR win. Thank you, Arizona,” the Trump-endorsed candidate tweeted after the race was called in her favor.

Lake won every county in the state with a total of 336,769 votes — 46.8 percent of the total vote — against her opponent, Karrin Taylor Robson, 317,017 votes or 44 percent, according to the New York Times.

Lake will now go on to the November election where she hopes to fill the seat of Gov. Doug Ducey (R-AZ) who has held the governor’s mansion since 2015. 

The Republican nominee’s opponent, who is the current Democratic Arizona secretary of state, won her primary with 72.6 percent of the vote — and the Kari campaign has repeatedly attacked her on issues such as election integrity.

In addition to safeguarding the election, a key issue for Arizona Republicans has been securing the Southern Border. Lake put out a series of innovative policy solutions to the crisis, including an interstate compact for border security, declaring an invasion in the state of Arizona, finishing the border wall, expanding the Arizona Rangers and National Guard — along with increased deportations.


“If Washington intends to abandon Arizona, we will exercise a federalist remedy with like-minded states across our great nation to deal with the crisis ourselves,” Lake’s campaign website read. “And with Arizona leading a coalition of states, we will empower our law enforcement with the ability to secure our border and our interior from the lawlessness and evils of the cartels.”

Kari’s victory in Arizona wasn’t the only win for “America First” Republicans. GOP candidate Blake Masters (R) also came out victorious in his bid to become the Republican nominee for junior Senator from Arizona. Masters will go on to face incumbent Sen. Mark Kelly (D-AZ) in the midterms.

Both Lake and Masters were endorsed by former President Donald Trump which proved to be vital for each candidate’s success in their respective primaries.

“She is STRONG on CRIME, Will PROTECT our BORDER, 2ND AMENDMENT, MILITARY, VETS, and will FIGHT to RESTORE ELECTION INTEGRITY,” the former president said of Lake.

Despite both candidates having Trump’s backing, the race in Arizona will likely be close come November. A recent poll shows Kelly has a five-percentage point lead on Masters, while Hobbs has a five to nine-point lead on Lake, FiveThirtyEight reported.

These two Republicans will have an uphill battle this Fall, but with the GOP circling the wagons and Democrats on the ropes from rising crime, inflation and a bad economy — due to their radical national policies — it is becoming increasingly likely Arizona flips back to the red column and adds momentum to an already cataclysmic midterm wave. 

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