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Facebook and Twitter just received more bad news. And the reason is Hunter Biden.

Hunter Biden has not been a very revered figure in the public eye. I would venture to say his approval ratings are close to the approval ratings of his father — which is just to say, astronomically low. Hunter Biden has been a liability to the Biden Administration throughout his father’s campaign and into his presidency.

A report from 2020 showed that 16 percent of Biden voters should have changed their votes if they had known about Hunter Biden’s history and the suppressed Washington Post story. That is an astronomically high number. Hunter Biden could have very well cost Joe the election. So much for the smartest guy Biden knows.

As we reported last week, a recent New York Times article admitted Hunter Biden is being investigated on corruption charges. They also silently admitted that the “laptop from hell” was legitimate and, by implication, that the New York Post article was justified. And that is scary news for Hunter. Perhaps Hunter’s days of manifest corruption are now over. We can only hope that they are, for the integrity of the American Presidency could be at stake.

As Americans, not just Republicans, we should care about the integrity of the institution. And while Trump used his office for our good, Biden’s relationship with his son makes us doubt the intentions of the President himself. And the intentions of the media and social media companies who protected the American public from these truths. A lot of people are involved in this thread of treachery.

That’s why a California Republican has asked to obtain materials from Facebook and Twitter related to the suppression of Hunter Biden’s laptop story on Twitter. As Free Beacon reports:

“Issa said his office is investigating efforts by social media outlets and Democratic operatives to stifle the New York Post bombshell story about Hunter Biden’s corrupt foreign business dealings, which was based on emails found on Hunter’s abandoned laptop.

“This is the scandal that Big Tech and the Democrat industrial complex wish would go away,” Issa told the Free Beacon. “They know what they did, and of course, they think they’ve gotten away with it. That’s why it’s critical that we not squander the opportunity for accountability.'”

Issa also said he is requesting information from Jen Psaki and Biden’s press team. And we can see why. This information is big, and it concerns the integrity of our media institutions and Biden himself. If these charges land, Biden could be in very big trouble moving forward, and so could Facebook and Twitter.

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