New Poll Shows Republicans Are More Trusted Than Dems When It Comes To Key Political Issue

Republicans are in a position to do very well in the 2022 Midterm elections. The woke policies of the Left have not been healthy — either for them or the country. In the 2021 Virginia Gubernatorial elections, we saw the first fruits of a new movement against leftist indoctrination in the school system. Parents are done with the Left’s promotion of CRT and gender ideology. These subjects are not the domain of the teachers. Teachers are obliged to teach our kids about math and science. That is what they are paid to do. To do anything else is to break a sacred covenant, the basis for the entire education system.

To teach Marxist doctrines like CRT or gender ideology is no prerogative of the school system. These are conversations that require parental consent, by their very nature. Of course, one could make a good argument these conversations are so baseless that even parents should not have them. But regardless, the school is accountable primarily to the parents and only secondarily to the government.

Parental consent is part and parcel of the conservative educational vision. The right maintains we have to give power back to the parents, where it belongs. This is a populist argument that has impressed many voters. Conservatives and parents at large have left the school system alone for too long. Meanwhile, the school system has shaped the next generation, and the effects are not good. 2022 will be a backlash and red wave of monumental proportions. Republicans are the party of the future. Hopefully, they can capitalize.

A recent Rasmussen Report confirms what we all already knew — Democrats are not popular when it comes to education. And it does not take a rocket scientist to know why. Parents want the innocence of their children protected. Only one party cares about the innocence of children and it is not the party in power.

Here is polling data, as revealed by Rasmussen:

“Forty-three percent (43%) of voters trust Republicans more to deal with education issues while 36% trust Democrats more. Eighteen percent (18%) believe the two parties are about the same in dealing with education issues.”

Given that eighty-four percent of likely voters consider education to be an important issue in the midterms, Republicans have to be very excited. The Dems just keep losing and it is wonderful to see.

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