Rick Scott Absolutely Destroys Biden In Savage New Ad

Florida Senator Rick Scott has been a recent target of President Joe Biden. Biden, the fierce opponent of all things Trump, has assaulted the Senator for being ‘Ultra-Maga’. What is Ultra-Maga? Your guess is as good as mine. But Biden keeps repeating it. Recently, he came up with a tremendous new name for Trump’s supporters — the ‘Ultra-Maga Gang‘. You read that right. And patriots like Rick Scott are embracing the name and all that it stands for — which if it can be defined, is certainly as Anti-Biden as it comes.

Biden has used Rick Scott as an example of a Senator who wants to raise taxes on the poor. Scott released a 12 Point guide for Republicans called the ‘Rescue America’ plan. At one point in his plan, he calls for all Americans to contribute to our economy, which includes taxation.

Scott doesn’t call for unilaterally raising taxes on the poor per se. Rather, in an amendment to the previous plan, he calls for “able-bodied” Americans to contribute to our economy — an attack on the welfare state. Of course, Rick Scott is not the Republican Party.

In fact, Mitch McConnell attacked some of Scott’s language. So to claim Scott’s plan or the platform of the Republican Party is a plan for the rich is simply wrong.

Senator Scott is using Biden’s attacks to his advantage. If you are being attacked by one of the worst Presidents in American History, you are doing something right. And that’s exactly Scott’s thinking. In his new ad, he says the following about Biden:’

“Joe Biden has destroyed America’s economy. It’s time to be honest with the American people — Joe Biden is unfit for office and should resign.”

After playing a clip of Joe Biden saying Senator Scott was from Wisconsin, the Senator went for the jugular:

‘I’m Rick Scott from Florida, and I do have a problem, and so does every American. Biden is forcing America into a recession”

Boom! Scott then advertised his plan to move America forward — the aforementioned ‘Rescue America’ plan. These policies would only be in place assuming Republicans take back control of Congress.  2022 is looking to be a vibrant red wave for Republicans, so we hope that happens with all our might!

Here is the full video:

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