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Fred Upton, the Congressman for Michigan’s 6th District, announced his intentions to retire on April 5th. Upton, who has served as a US Representative since 1987, has amassed a record as one of the most liberal Republicans in the US House. 

Conservative Review gives Upton a Liberty Score of 42%. That is an F grade for their scorecard.

Fred Upton is also one of 10 Republicans in the US House to vote for the second impeachment of Donald Trump. He also marks the 4th of those 10 to announce their retirement. Upton is also the 16th Republican to announce their retirement for the 2022 election cycle.

Like many of the 10 Republicans that voted for Trump’s impeachment, Upton faced an uphill battle for his reelection. Upton’s district was redrawn to District 4 and faced a challenge from Congressman Bill Huizenga.

Huizenga currently represents Michigan’s 2nd Congressional District.

Huizenga also earned the endorsement of President Donald Trump.

In fact, Trump rejoiced at the announcement of Upton’s retirement and stated “UPTON QUITS! 4 down and 6 to go. Others losing badly, who’s next.”

Upton joins Illinois Congressman Adam Kinzinger, Ohio Congressman Anthony Gonzalez, and New York Congressman John Katko in retiring Republican members of the US House that voted for Trump’s impeachment. 

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In fact, what does the future hold for the other 6 Republicans that voted for impeachment?

Well, in Wyoming, Congresswoman Liz Cheney faces heavy opposition from attorney Harriet Hageman. Hageman recently received support from a hefty list of incumbent Republican members of the US House.

Tom Rice of South Carolina also faces heavy opposition with State Representative Russell Fry leading the pack. Fry earned the endorsement of President Trump.

Dan Newhouse and Jaime Herrera Beutler of Washington State also face legitimate opposition. Newhouse, who represents Washington’s rural conservative 4th district, faces Trump-endorsed candidate Loren Culp. Culp beats Newhouse in recent polling. Beutler, who represents Washington’s 3rd District, also loses to Trump-backed candidate Joe Kent in recent polling. 

Peter Meijer of Michigan’s 3rd Congressional District faces John Gibbs. Gibbs is endorsed by Donald Trump. The most recent polling shows Meijer ahead with 26% of the vote while Gibbs earns 13%. However, the same polls show that likely Republican voters hold a 50% unfavorable opinion of Meijer and that 62% of Republican voters would like to see a new Republican nominee over Meijer.

Lastly, David Valadao of California’s 21st District–22nd district after redistricting–has a likely shot of being reelected. No serious Republican challenger has come forward, and the district holds a +10 Democratic lean.