Detective Of 40 Years Says Major Liberal City Now A Crime-ridden Disaster Zone: ‘There Are No Consequences’

Paul DiGiacomo, president of the New York City’s Detective Endowments’ Association, sat for the interview to discuss the rising crime rates within the city, as well as a now-viral video of an altercation between an officer and a young man.

“I don’t feel safe walking in the city of New York,” DiGiacomo said. “I have forty years in this police department and I have never seen it as bad as it is now. The criminal element is empowered and is emboldened and they feel they can do whatever they want to do with no consequence.”

In the viral video,  a man is seen assaulting the officer, while the officer repeatedly takes him to the ground. Fox host Steve Doocy wanted DiGiacomo’s thoughts about the situation and asked if NYC laws were forcing the officer to take on extra risk.

“That’s correct,” the detective replied. “Recently there was a law enacted by the NYC council that ties the hands of the Police. It’s called the diaphragm compression bill. Now while apprehending an individual who is not compliant… you’re not allowed to sit, kneel or put any pressure on the top of the chest to the bottom of the waist area. It makes it virtually impossible to arrest a non-compliant individual.”

“And if you do violate that law, you could be arrested for a misdemeanor,” he added. “It doesn’t make common sense.”

The “diaphragm bill,” was passed by the City Council following the death of George Floyd in May 2020. It establishes “a misdemeanor for restraining an individual in a manner that restricts the flow of air or blood by compressing the windpipe or the carotid arteries on each side of the neck, or sitting, kneeling, or standing on the chest or back in a manner that compresses the diaphragm, in the course of effecting or attempting to effect an arrest.”


Doocy asked the Detectives Association president about a reported event, where the man from the video asked the judge in court if he could press charges against the officer, to which DiGiacomo responded  –“Well that wouldn’t surprise me at all. Many of our politicians and many of our district attorneys… have emboldened the criminal element.

“They feel empowered and they know there are no consequences when you violate the law when you assault a police officer or a detective,” the detective continued.

Mayor Eric Adams (D) had reportedly stated that the man in the video was “a poster child for everything that’s wrong in the criminal justice system.”

The 40-year NYPD veteran explained that police are trying to protect the people of New York, but are also being handicapped by politicians.

“You need cooperation from Albany,” he claimed. “We are getting no cooperation from the governor, the assembly, the senate, or the city council and without their support, this city is going to sink and it’s going to sink fast.”

Once again, another city that was drastically changed by progressive policies following the “Defund the Police” movement, has begun to realize the determinants of such ideas — as New Yorkers feel less and less safe with each passing day, in the Big Apple.

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