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Beto O’Rourke is a sore loser with no real record in politics. His successes consist more in his short-lived musical career than any piece of legislation for his home state or his country. In fact, after spending a record number of dollars in his Texas Senate race, he still lost in decisive fashion to patriot Ted Cruz. And Beto keeps pushing losing rhetoric, as we shall see.

It was no surprise Beto lost that 2018 race. While the Left might wish to speak it into existence, Texas is not going to flip blue anytime soon. Texas is a red state through and through — filled with patriotism across every square inch.

It was also no surprise that Beto lost in 2020 — when he ran on a radical platform. He bragged about taking AR-15’s from everyday Americans. He did this on a Texas debate stage, permanently damaging his reputation across the Lone Star State.

Many expected Beto to do more after his catastrophic loss in the 2020 Democrat Primaries. But he did nothing of any note. While Biden said he would have some role in handling our “gun problem” he has been very quiet. That is, until he announced his gubernatorial run in Texas.

In the midst of this run, Beto has done his fair share of media stops. And these stops have proved disastrous, as Beto has further incriminated himself as the utter radical that he is. He should be embarrassed for saying of the things he said. Joy Reid asked him this question:

“The Texas woman who was charged with murder after abortion, the charges have now been dropped. But that has sent shock waves throughout this country, because it exposes the lie these anti-abortion forces don’t mean to punish women.

Is that getting through when you’re talking with female voters, with women, how much danger they’re in because of these laws like the anti-abortion law in Texas?”

To which Beto replied, like the utter radical he is:

 “This is Greg Abbott’s Texas, and it is coming to the rest of America unless we stop him and defeat him in November. In Starr County, in the Rio Grande Valley, yes, this woman spent two days in jail for an abortion that is legal for the last 49 years in this country. Thankfully, charges were dropped.

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But while he’s pursuing this war on women, this fixation on transgender kids, we have real problems in Texas like a foster care system, 100 kids died last year in just one year alone.

That problem within child protective services is getting worse year after year under Greg Abbott’s watch. This guy cannot keep the lights on. He can’t keep the economy going. He cannot keep us safe. He’s very bad for Texas, bad for the country. We must stop him and win this election in November.”

These remarks are scary. Luckily for Texas, we cannot imagine most voters agreeing with his rhetoric. Voters are almost certain to send a decisive message this November — they have the moral responsibility to keep Texas red!