Rochester Dad Arrested For Refusing To Mask At Outdoor Baseball Game Wins Court Case

Back in May of 2021, while Covid-19 mandates were still in place and petty tyrants were given a constant mission to “protect the world”, a New York father was arrested for refusing to wear a mask on school property according to local reports from News10NBC Rochester.

Chad Hummel was watching his son’s high school baseball game in May of 2021 when police had him arrested for refusing to wear a mask at an outdoor event. According to the DailyWire, Hummel and his wife attended the baseball game without masks and spaced themselves out on purpose in order to make sure they were socially distanced from others. Hummel and his wife were approached by a man who asked them to put masks on, and when they refused, he called the police. The police arrested Hummel for criminal trespass.

Back at the time of the incident, Hummel told News10NBC Rochester that he was “Someone who has fought critical race theory at the school, someone who has fought the COVID regulations at the district, someone who has been involved in lawsuits for the school district, someone who has done all that is a target.”

According to the DailyWire, Hummel received a letter from the school district informing him that he would be banned from school property for a period of time due to his refusal to wear a mask outside on school grounds. This ban impacts Chad Hummel greatly. He will no longer be able to watch his son play baseball until after the ban is lifted and he will miss his son’s graduation as well.

Earlier this week, the DailyWire reported that Hummel won his case after two witnesses were caught making false statements under oath. Hummel told DailyWire that he still has plans to sue the school district for the way he was treated. Hopefully, Hummel’s efforts to hold the school accountable will continue and a lawsuit will be filed soon in response.

According to the DailyWire, Hummel, when asked if he has a message to local parents said “I want my message to be what my action was — I had the opportunity to walk away and not be arrested. But I wanted my message to be what my actions were, and that is to show people that if this is what we have to do to fight back, to submit to being arrested, then this is what we have to do.”

Chad Hummel’s efforts to hold the school in line and promote individual liberty have not gone unnoticed. Hopefully, the petty tyrants involved in this case will be held accountable in court very soon.



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