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Biden 1984 is very much a reality it seems. The President of the United States has essentially wedded himself and his Administration with communist talking points. He cares not for truth, justice, or the American dream. While he considers himself a “capitalist” you would be forgiven for thinking otherwise. His rhetoric is straight out of Bernie Sander’s playbook. He condemns “millionaires and billionaires”. He pushes for unfair policies like student loan cancelations and universal healthcare. And he disrespects our fundamental rights as Americans.

He does not really, by his actions, believe in our first and second amendment rights as Americans. These are clear indications of where his heart really lies — and it is not with the founders.

America First politicians all over the country have acted to protect our Democracy from the authoritarianism of the Biden Administration. But perhaps no politician has done more to keep Joe Biden awake at night than Florida Governor Ron DeSantis.

Ron DeSantis has protected Florida and that’s why his name has loomed large in discussions of 2024 Republican candidates for the Presidency. We do not know if he will run. But we know if he did run, he would surely make Biden’s presidency a campaign issue of monumental proportions. For whatever else you think of the Biden Administration, Biden as President has not been a winning formula for anyone. If he can unite the Left and the Right in opposition to Biden, he may win big league!

But first, we have to solve the problem that is Biden’s policies. And that’s where DeSantis launched his latest attack. After the Biden Administration created a DHS office of disinformation, many Americans have expressed concern. And DeSantis speaks for all concerned Americans on this issue — we do not need more censorship; we need significantly less. As Ron DeSantis argued:

“As if they don’t have enough issues to deal with, they now have an idea, and I honestly thought this was a belated April Fool’s joke, but they’re actually going to create, in the DHS, a Bureau of Disinformation. 

It’s basically a Ministry of Truth. And what they want to do, is they want to be able to put out false narratives, without people being able to speak out and fight back.”

For background, ‘Ministry of Truth’ is a reference to Orwell’s dystopian novel, 1984. DeSantis continued by providing some examples of allegedly false narratives and talking points:

“They want to be able to say things, like ‘Russia-collusion,’ and perpetuate hoaxes, and then have people like us be silenced… they want to advocate for school closures… But when we speak out, they want to silence dissent.”

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He ended with the fire and fury we have come to expect from the Florida Republican:

“And so we reject this Bureau in the state of Florida… This is not acceptable, and in Florida, we are not going to deal with it.”

That’s a call to action. And we hope Americans will take up this call to protect our free speech with the patriotism and heart we have come to expect in our times of trial and tribulation. As DeSantis says “Clearly, our entire principles, that the country was founded on, you cannot have a Ministry of Truth”

Here is the full speech: