Tom Cotton Demands 'Fearful' Biden Must Respond With 'Massive Retaliation' Against Iran

Senator Tom Cotton (R-AR) is fed up with the lack of response by the Biden administration against Iran after their continued attacks against American troops and military equipment, calling on Sunday for a "massive retaliation" that will bring it to an end. Cotton has labeled the Biden admin as "fearful" due to their continued lack of action over the growing issue. 

The Arkansas senator calls out Biden and his incompetence by giving numerous examples on Fox News, such as putting pressure on Israel behind the scenes to assist those in Gaza with resources that could be used against the Israeli government while putting no pressure on Hamas to release American hostages. Even other Democrats have called out Biden's weak responses, with Representative Dean Phillips (D-MN) questioning why no special forces have been used to retrieve Americans held hostage. 

Something must change after Iran attacked Americans "over 150 times," and for Sen. Cotton, that begins with a strong show of force against Iran, saying, "I would also send a clear message to Iran if these attacks don't stop immediately, then we will begin to threaten their assets." He continues, saying, "Life in the Middle East is not a church picnic: What you need more than anything is iron will and crushing force," the Senator continued. "And what I fear most threatens Americans and stability in the region is American weakness. Arab leaders want to be partners with a strong America, and frankly a strong Israel, because a thing they fear most is Iran and its terror proxies."

"It seems like the president wants to go out of his way to avoid Iranian casualties," Cotton said. "I would target Iranians operating in Iraq and in Syria. I would also send a clear message to Iran: if these attacks don't stop immediately, then we will begin to threaten their assets." He also notes how Iran has never before been this "contemptuous" under any other president, saying that this is something that is entirely unique to the Biden administration. "You don't see that kind of fear from Hamas, Iran, or frankly anyone around the world."

This weak stance from the Biden administration fails to establish "escalation dominance over a terrorist-supporting regime like Iran," adding that it's "the way of the Middle East, and President Biden doesn't appear to understand that. The way to stop these attacks is not to be fearful, hesitant, and cautious in response but massive retaliation to make it clear we will not tolerate these attacks on Americans. Otherwise, I fear we're going to see mass-casualty attacks against American forces in the region."

  • Article Source: DC Enquirer
  • Photo: Photo by Anna Moneymaker/Getty Images / Getty Images
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clearly he has cotton for brains.

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